Friday, June 29, 2007


Well the work week is wrapping up and the weekend is getting ready to simmer. Listening to a mild thunderstorm outside.. as the work day winds down for me.. still have about 2 more hours before I head out .. its a quiet afternoon... Every now and then its nice to have a quiet afternoon. I saw the cutest puppy last night.. My niece is here in town for the next month doing her internship at a local pharmacy.. ( she is going to be a pharmacist) She and her boyfriend drove in last night and they brought her puppy Chloe with them. Chloe is a Malteyork and she is a cutie.. all 2 pounds of her black and white fluff. She is very playful and is about 14 weeks old now.. going to see her again this evening.. I gotta get me one of those... Eating is going well... I hope each of you has had a good week and that the goals you have set for yourself this week have been met. I am going to do wedding stuff in the early am tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon and then somewhere along the way I am going to get a new swimsuit.. everyone keeps telling me to go Target to find a suit.. so I am planning on that tomorrow . .... You can add my brother in law to that prayer list by the way... he was put in the hospital yesterday and is being transfered to a bigger hospital today. He has a Staph infection in his lip of all places. They have him on steriods, benadryl and intravenious antibiotics.. and oral antibiotics.. hopefully he will be back to his old self soon.. I know my niece is worried about her dad and even thought about going back home.. but her folks encouraged her to stay here and work on her internship and should her dad* my BL*, need surgery she can go home then.. I sure hope he will get over this.. seems when it rains it pours here.. Tuesday Steve goes for some tests.. say a little prayer there too.. Everything should be fine.. I always get a little nervous whenever he has to have tests.. thats just me. I talked with my cousin yesterday and they have moved my aunt home with a hosptial bed and Hospice to care for her. So I ask myself do I lose hope now?? well we all know when hospice is involved things are not good.. You just sort of have to deal with things as they come.. the doctors said it could be 2 days, 2 weeks , 2 months.. they did not know. I had a interesting conversation with my cousin last night and then with my nieces BF.. my cousin said.. Honi , can you believe 2 weeks ago she was driving and changing her grandsons diapers and feeding him and working... and now this??? its so overwhelming... later on I talked to my nieces BF and he is in medical school.. and what he said stayed with me.. he said you know.. what if they had found this 6 months ago... she would have been on radiation therapy and chemo and probably had no quality of life for the last six months .. even though this is so horrible and sad... at least the last 6 months she has had with out too much difficulty... Steve agreed with him.. and I had too as well. I think thats when I came to better terms with the inevitable. For now all they can do is just keep her comfortable.. and to me.. thats a good thing.. They want me to focus on the happy stuff going on.. but I can only seem to focus on what is going on there... and whats going on for my brother in law.. and am concerned about Steve.. I am fairly confident that Steve's tests should be fine. but I can 't help my self from just saying a little extra prayer for him... I Just want them to all feel well and I hate seeing the people I love suffer to any degree. Oh well just like anyone else I suppose...
Well the storm outside is getting worse... so I guess I will wrap this up for today..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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