Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well the wedding cake is picked out... if you scroll down to the post about wedding cakes u will see a picture of the cake I wanted but said I would not get .. we made a decision on another style and then Steve saw the one I really wanted and we were able to get it.. We went a tiny bit over budget.. but it will be beautiful.. now the cake will not be blue as pictured.. it will be champagne colored.. with white fondet stripes.. sort of a tone on tone thing... then the flowers will be fall colors .. the cake will be chocolate with ganoche ( not sure how to spell that) in the center of each layer... the icing will be butter cream with fondent decoration. I think it will be elegant.. I also have to get a few sweet trays out there.. since sometimes folks do not want cake... otherwise that is all settled YAY!!!!!.. In a little bit we go do the floral stuff and figure out the center piece logistics and all.. SO I will post about that later on. Otherwise things are well.. I did taste the cakes.. and I knew right away exactly what I wanted.. so there really was no deciding what the cake itself would be..
All in all handling all this excitement well... my hair is getting grayer though.. oh well... what can u do... Also .. for you Target fans.. I am going to Target this afternoon to get my swim suit.. .will let u know how that goes too..
Wish me well.
Wish you well too...

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