Monday, June 25, 2007



be sure and check this show out Shaq's Big Challenge.

2: While at first I thought it was a bit explotive of our obese children I think Shaq is coming from the heart with this.. and hopefully it will help motivate folks to start moving now.

3: Exercise is the hardest thing for me. SO I just keep trying.

4: Weight loss is dragging a bit.. time for tweaks.

5: Losing about a pound a week now

6: Stats:
Starting weight: 211.5
Current weight: 182.8
Goal weight: 132
Feeling: GROOVY

7: Water and Exercise the two areas I really need to concentrate on.. I must develope skills to make these become habits... any ideas... I really need help in these areas.. they are my weakest links on this journey.
Seeing nutritionist tonight.. will get some good invigeration and motivation.. that always helps...

8: Friends are getting ready to have a really neat party for me for the upcoming wedding.. I am not really a shower person or one that likes surprises that much.. So one of my friends came up with a rocking great idea of a party at one of those Paint your own ceramics places... My friends and family will do a platter for me and then a piece for themselves I am going to do one for myself as well... I am planning on a little treat that night .. There is a cake I absolutely love... but never have... its a carmel cake made my this confection place that is divine.. if you were to ask me what is something I would induldge in .. a small slice of that would do nicely.. so I am planning what I am going to eat that day so I can work that slice of cake in my program...

9: I am also going back to logging my food daily.. I kinda feel like Linus with out his security blanket lol.. I do know I need to eventually back off of that.. I had a trip up this weekend... I was under a lot of stress and there was chocolate cake in the house.. I was uptight and like a magnet to metal.. I grabbed a slice of that cake and ate it before I realized it.. luckily I did not eat the whole thing and threw part of the slice out... But I swear it was such an automatic response to stress... Why on earth did I do that.. I have not done that since January... Any ideas... I will say it involved some general stress a bit more than I have had lately regarding the wedding. I think Steve is worried I am going to turn into a Bridezilla.. lol ( I love that show it is so funny and pathetic at the same time lol) at my age of nearly 45.. I want to skip a lot of the traditional who ha.. and do things my way.. I have always marched to a different drummer and as always it has stressed my mother to no ends and apparently I am doing that to her with this wedding..

Now let me explain myself and please tell me if you think I am being difficult... I do not want to carry a bouquet of flowers.. ( they make my hands itch and I am not having a wedding party so there is no one to hand the flowers to when I need to participate in the service.)
I do not want to wear a garter.. ANNOYING and it will slide down my fat thigh and land on my ankle and I dont need that risk of embarrassment.. ( call me silly) don't want the hassle.

I want to wear my hair off my face but down... with the tiara both my aunt and my mother want me to wear it up in a bun with a veil behind the the tiara.. for heavens sake I do not want all the fluff. I am a fluffy enough person with out extra stuff on me.

We want a swing band that can play all types of music .. No Motown like most of the weddings we see here.. ( I GOT MY WAY ON THAT YAY) just something a little different..

I do not want traditional flower centerpieces.. ( WASTE OF MONEY and they die) I created my own centerpieces and they are interactive... will be pretty paper with a question ( WHAT MAKES A GOOD MARRIAGE) ( i did this in an email and got some phenominal replies) people at the tables answer this question.. at the end of the day the papers are collected and placed in a keep sake book with the emails recieved earlier... a special memento for Steve and I .

I want to make my own favors for my guests... am using plantable paper..( it is seeded paper that you can plant) with thank you notes attatched ( you know something like thank you for being part of our wedding weekend.. etc.. not sure of wording just yet) these will be at each place setting... again something a little unique... The older generation for the most part thinks my ideas are bizzare and too different.. and that we need flowers at the tables... NOPE NOPE NOPE .. what do you guys think.. am I really being difficult ???

I guess I am one that likes doing things with my own flair.. people forget cakes and centerpieces.. why not give them something to remember ... oh well... just meandering along on a Monday....

Wish me well..
Wish you well too


buddha_girl said...

Hello? It's your wedding. If people think you're being diffucult, let them go plan their own dream wedding. Period. End of discussion.

Wear your hair the way you want it. I love it up around your face and down the back. It highlights your cheekbones beautifully.

Centerpieces: I didn't have flowers. I made my own with handpainted terra cotta pots, sand, and beautful chunky candles. People were encouraged to take them home at the end of the reception. Most fought over them.

I love your idea for the gifts at the end for your guests. I had my Mom make homemade chocolates in the shape of fall leaves since I got married in autumn. People gobbled 'em up. Who cares about mints and almonds? Ack!

Do what makes you feel comfortable. This is NO ONE'S day but yours and Steve's. Don't let anyone 'convince' you that you have to do things their way. Stay strong, woman!

TooFatToFly said...

Hi Honi,

I agree with buddha-Girl, it's your wedding, so I think you are entitled to do whatever you want.

It's YOUR special day after all!

I think you'll look beautiful whatever you decide to do with your hair :-)

Hope all is well with you and life in general...


Lins xx

Bethany said...

I love your ideas!!

Let's see...
Flowers- don't carry them if you don't want to.

garter- I didn't wear one either and for the same reasons.

Hair- I also wore mine down but swept off my face- I was more comfortable. If I wore it up I would have been conscius of it the whole time AND I would have gotten a headache- I have a ton of hair and you look like you do too.

Music- we had a kid we know DJ for us (there was lots of Motown because I love Motown) we also had two kids from our church's youth group do a swing dance performance (they actually did it as a surprise for us) and it was fabulous!

Centerpieces- mine were candles- Im allergic to flowers so I had vanilla scented pillar candles in different sizes.

The happy marriage question- for my wedding I did the same thing!! I took cardstock and printed the question "What's Your Secret To A Happy Marriage?" I also put a space for their names. We just celebrated six years and I still love to read them! Some were serious but some were just damn funny!

I LOVE the seed paper idea!! I had no idea that such a thing existed.

Sorry, didn't mean to make the comment so long. It's your wedding and you should do what you want.