Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Okay I am going to sort of promise that this will be the last post abou this subject... ALLI..
Here is a tip they give you: You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it’s probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work ... HALLO.. knock knock.. anyone out there?? this is a problem to me.....more info if you want it... I just do not get how this is selling like it is... I promise you there is not a magic pill that is going to take someone like me at 182.2 pounds as of this morning... (was 211.5 Jan 22, 2007) or take someone who weighs over 250 or 300 and change you.. IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOU. If this drug does not allow you to absorb fat then your body can't absorb the good fats either. I have pretty much made it clear how I feel about this new "wonder weight loss drug" IT is NOT a WONDER DRUG..there is no such thing..ever.. I wish I had the secret for those of us out there who want to desperately lose weight and for whatever reason are having problems doing so... If you invest your hard earned money in this drug... what happens when you go off this drug.. .I mean after the anal leakage and gassy episodes.. what happens when you decide to stop taking this pill.. YOU will gain the 3-7 pounds you lost in a year because of this drug... YES thats right.. 3-7 pounds in one year.. thats all this drug increases your weight loss.. WHY NOT DO something scarey... look at yourself naked in the mirror.. your eyes can see your body and see where things need to be changed.. instead of cringing.. look at your body and find one thing you love... is your skin pretty, is your skin soft, do you have nice eyes... a nice neck line.. ( minus the chins of course) find one thing you like.. then look yourself in the eye.. and tell yourself as you stand there butt naked as the day you were born.. IT IS TIME... then find affordable guidance be it online or nearby. Talk to someone that can help you achieve your goals.. a nutritionist is a great idea.. but find one you can relate too.. ( oh and before you go out, put your clothes back on lol) or take a class.. ( sure you have heard it all before .. but apparently you have not learned anything) find the motivation with in yourself before you randomly take some drug that is not going to deep down .. rock your world.... its just a "for now" fix until the next big thing comes along. So you say you do not want to go to a nutritionist.. you say you know how to lose weight and eat properly... hmmm I doubt it... do you really know what a real portion size is???? Do you really know the value of high fiber foods... do you now that berries are high in fiber??? Do you know that food does not have to be the enemy... you just have to learn some new things .. new ways to cook, and most importantly about portion control... it is really basic.. and yes it is easy after you get past the hard part.. and that is simply learning new habits... and having faith in yourself to change... I hope I do not sound harsh.. thats not my intent.. and I am certainly no weight loss maven.. I only can share the things I have learned.. and I am by far not the most dilligent person in practicing what I have learned because... like you I am human.. and I have to still fight those occasional nudges that say .. I quit .. I really want a Buddy bar.. or a pint of ice cream.. I really want 4 pieces of bread and two big fat yeast rolls... and then I remember.. I really don't want those things.. they are just easy.. and sometimes my brain thinks they are comfort food when in actuality they are uncomfort foods..
So trash the ALLI.. Have faith in yourself.. take it moment by moment... if you want moral support.. email me.. I will push you along the way I push me along??? there are no excuses... just time.. lost... and in the most basic sense.. there is no wrong eating.. its about what you choose to eat.. so if you choose that hershy bar.. count it... but try and make a wiser choice.. cherries.. mangos... cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, apples, grapes... still sweet and better for you.
Logging my food has been a big help though I dont do it religiously now.. I do do it at least once a week to make sure I am on target...
It can be done.. you can change.. you can live with out dieting dieting is not for life... change is.. ... and you can survive through change..
Wish me well.
Wish you well too..


Bethany said...

You are so right!!

cadbury_vw said...

absolutely right.

eating healthily is better than some pill - costs less, minimal side-effects, and you won't end up accidentally hemorrhaging to death or losing your marble like the pills will do

a new way of living. easy to say, a little harder to learn, harder to stick by - but it works.