Thursday, July 31, 2008


NO SHIT HONI !! (don't you love when I start talking to myself via my blog.. thats a weird issue in and of itself) ... Obviously I have a food issue.. otherwise this blog would have never been born... so you might ask me what I am going to do.. I am going to.. I dunno what the hell i am going to do.. I love WW online.. but I also love Calorie is free.. WWonline is 16 bucks a month.. how much is 16 bucks a month.. hmmm 4 bucks a week.. should I stop WW online.. its only 4 bucks a week.. for now I am going to keep doing that and try to log my food .. right now I am just not into it.. I have so much business to do.. I am lucky I have the time to .. well you know...
I am just at a quandry right now.. I know I want to to lose weight .. I feel it in my bones.. and I am eating pretty good.. I just do not want to do the leg work that goes with it.. i.e. logging food.. I am tired of monitoring myself.. but lets call it .. what it is.. when I monitor myself.. I succeed.. right?! of course right.. I know the answer to that one.. so the answer is .. get my fucking ass in gear and log food.. and for once make time at the end of the day before I go home and go to the gym.. for a swim or to walk on the track.. or ride a bike.. ITS NOT COMPLICATED HONI >> DO IT DAMN IT!.. uhmm sorry .. talking to myself again...
Well I just nuked a baked potato for lunch.. gonna go eat..
and think.. and visit some blogs..
This is Honi for a Thursday.. and I am outta here!
If you have a minute check out my blog for my folks.. I am posting there too..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Katschi said...

What if you planned out your week in advance by eating the same breakfast and lunch each day and then cook up some meals for the freezer that you could just pop in the micro after work. You could figure out the points for everything in advance and not have to worry each day about logging it.
Try to make it as 'mindless' as possible. You'd only have to do it one day per week.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I slack off badly on logging food, too. :(

Try making exercise time before your morning shower. Seriously. You're more likely to do it and stick with it if it comes FIRST, not late in the day when you're likely to be pooped out.

But logging is a pain.

It does help, tho.

The P