Thursday, July 10, 2008


Okay is it hot here.. my dogs won't even go outside.. its like .. run out to the grass.. do your business and run right back inside and plop down on the wood or tile floor and find the air condition vent and lay by it all day...
It is Thursday.. A step closer to the weekend.. and a step closer to Mom's surgery ..
she had a great Wednesday..... fairly postive and planning to go to at least one out of state bar mitzvah in Sept.. she has one to go to in August but we are not sure the doctor is going to let her go a month out of her surgery but I am sure 2 months out it will not be a problem... She is so excited about that trip.. she is going to the bar mitzvah in NJ and then one of my cousins is going to spend the day with her in NY city and she loves going to New York so today she has something to look forward too.. just hoping this helps carry her a bit.. lord knows I have tried everything from talking about her grand daughters up coming high school graduation next spring, to her other granddaughter up coming wedding in the fall of 2009 .. to the various Bar Mitzvahs in between.. anything thats a party or celebration.. I have been trying to get her to focus on .. with little or no success until yesterday.. thats it from the Mom front..
I read a post from my friend Scale Junkie and it really hit home with me .. this was couple days ago and I have been mulling things over in my mind..
I found this great article .. here is a clip from it.. its an older article but still very current:

For successful weight management be more flexible--and forgiving--and try these strategies:
Get real. Set realistic and achievable goals. Accept that the extra weight did not show up overnight and will take time to shed. The American Dietetic Association recommends a weight loss of about 2 pounds per week.
Get an attitude adjustment. Forget "ideal" weight. Think long term. Focus on being healthy rather than thin.
Get moving. Eat less, exercise more. Exercise does not have to be regimented or all done in one session. Begin by trying to accumulate about 30 minutes of activity into each day. Turn off the TV; take the stairs; park your car farther away; chase your cat! Take baby steps in making these changes. You will retain your muscles and bones by taking it slowly and you will be more likely to continue with your plan and less likely to feel burned out.
Get control. Make sure you include the foods and activities you enjoy in your plan. The less deprived you feel, the more likely you are to succeed.
~Remember, weight loss is not a light bulb... there is a lot of room for flexibility, if we allow it~
I have had rough day eating wise not horrible just not as perfect as need be.. but thats okay.. its done and over.. I have got the right destiny in mind..
Okay what I am about to say now will make no sense unless you think like me.. and if that is the case.. you might want to seek psychiatric intervention lol.... I will not mention a name because God only knows whose eyes see this blog so I don't want to embarass anyone including myself.. so I am just going to start like this.. uhmm ever do something you wish you had not done but curiousity got the best of you so you do it anyway and then you end up creeping yourself out because you did it in the first place and you really wish you had not done it and really did not mean to do it because that was not your original plan in the first place.. sigh.. okay here is what I did.. I was screwing around with my Facebook page.. then I decided.. hmm lets go to my Myspace page .. we never check it out anymore.. well while there for some odd reason I start typing in names.. At facebook I was looking to connect with former folks I went to boarding school with so I had been typing in names there.. and did not think twice about it.. anyhow I was doing the same on Myspace and on a whim I typed in someone's name from my past and damned if this page did not come up.. there that name was.. and a picture too.. it was there in oddly living color.. it was wierd.. cringe worthy that I could find that person that quickly by just typing in the name .. If you want to know the whole story email me and I will tell you.... one of those still alive mistakes from the past. which i guess we all make.. now granted I wish this person no ill will mind you.. okay maybe I do just a tiny bit ( ASSHAT OWES me a VERY LARGE SUM OF MONEY) .. seriously it is nice to see that this person has a decent life now I guess .. I hope anyone this person comes in contact with .. well I hope they don't get suckered like me.. oh well.. the past is the past I always say.. and what I have now is a far cry away from what I had in those days.. I am far richer than any amount of money could ever provide.. and I know that and trust me I thank God every day for the life I have now.. okay enough rambling.. whats done is done.. this is the here and now...
I wish all of us much luck on our journeys..
I wish us much strength and the knowledge to be flexible and understanding with ourselves.. None of us are failures.. we just are finding our way..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Anonymous said...

Good graces! How do you find the energy to write so much every day!!!! I am not complaining. I enjoy reading about you each day, but i get half way through and I start wondering how much more could you possibly have to say for just one day.

Keep up the good work. See you tomorrow.


Cammy said...

Great article! Thanks for sharing it.

I'm glad your mother had a better day. Having so much to look forward to should help.

I've done plenty of things I wish I hadn't done, and I have to work really hard to let them go. I wish you luck!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I ask G-d to watch over your mom and give her doctors and surgeons and nurses extra attentiveness and skill and that she will come through perfectly fine. Amen.

BTW, I'm like you--I focus on the great stuff that's in my life--husband and family and a home, etc. So many have so much less.

We were lucky that out of mom's 3 daughters, we all were able to help take care of her (didn't work), so mom had us around constantly. It made her considerable suffering that much less horrible. She was very stoic and loving and uncomplaining, which is remarkable. In her shoes, I'd be kvetching up and down!

I hope your mom comes to see your situation with clearer insight.

Have a great rest of week.

the Princess

JC said...

Hi Honi, I read you post earlier today but skipped on over to another site and forgot to come back and leave a message. This is a really good post. I can picture your puppies lying next to the air vents. LOL.

Thanks for coming by. We are flying out of Atlanta by way of Lufthansa Airlines. We leave Tuesday afternoon, fly to Frankfurt, Germany then to Tel Aviv. My Itinerary says we will arrive there at 3:10 pm on Wednesday. Thanks for the tips. I haven flown in a while well since they changed what you can carry on. I so excited about being there but the getting ready to go is stressing me out. Not good for my attempts to lose weight. I keep thinking about you and telling myself I'll be o.k. once I'm packed and in the church parking lot.

I'll be doing so more getting ready posts and plan on doing some post ahead of time but probably not every day. You will be one of the first sites I visit when I get back. Do you know if there are internet cafes over there? I'm not taking my computer but I'm hopeful there will be somewhere to go and pay to use their computer for a certain length of time. Thanks again for the visit. JC

Bethany said...

Wish you could come north with your mom! Glad she's doing better.

Lora said...

Glad mom is doing better! You ahve a greta attitude regarding "asshat" - wish I could forgive & forget Mr' "Imanass" at the lake!