Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sometimes I ask myself.. what if we knew when the end of our days on earth would be.... I have often wondered this but never so much as I do now....
I wonder what any one of us would do differently .. Would we live more piously... would we be more patient... would we be more kind... would we take more risks... would we finally manage our health in a proper way .. taking the leap knowing our time is limited? Ironically enough, our time is limited.. but since we do not have the final date... it does not appear that time is that stacked against us... In our youth.. we flit about.. sometimes gaining perspective at an early age what life and death really mean... we do not see the finite we see the infinite... so we continue tasting all the flowers in the garden.. moving from one adventure until the next.. then we grow up.. (sometimes) and we face the world in all its cruel cold glory... inking out our lives on onion skin paper a droplet at a time... dotted with family and friends.. generation after generation not knowing what the end brings...
What if though? on the day you were born an expiration date is tattooed on your tush. You don't think much about it through out your younger days.. yet one day as you approach adulthood and you notice that Saturdays do not linger like they used too.. and Sundays seem to go by even quicker.. you notice that expiration date ... Here is where you say to yourself.. Oh my gosh .. I have to get busy.. there is so much I have not done.. so much that needs to be prepared... and now I have X number of days left.. how will I fill them ? Will they be virtious? Will they be spent being a free spirit and seeing as much fo the world as I can.. ? Will I concentrate on my family and then my friends..the days are dwindling what shall we do.. what shall I do...? makes me think..
I would just be who I am .. and with all my human flaws.. thats the best that I could be.. as the days dwindle down.
I am going to create a memorial online to my folks.. this way I can bring Healthy Honi back to the format I want... I hope you might stop over there when I create it. It mostly will be in pictures..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


Scale Junkie said...

I sometimes wish I knew the expiration date of me so I could stop obsessing over it lately. I think when we become orphans its really changes our outlook on life and death as we face our own mortality.

Honestly Honi, all you can do is think of each day as a gift and make the most of that day and not waste a single minute.

Kate said...

Each day is as valuable as the next, whether it's your first or your last. If you spend your time obsessing over how to organize your life in the time you have left, you often end up missing out on the very things that make life worth living TODAY. If you take every moment as the most valuable you have, if you take time to rest, refresh yourself, discover something new, notice something unnoticed, then you can live life to it's fullest.

I've been given a death sentence by a doctor before, and the first thing I did (and what made me immeasurably happier than I've ever been) is that I tossed out all my expectations and lived in the moment. Even though they found out that the tumors weren't cancerous after all (well,now they're revisiting that AGAIN) I still try to hang on to that.

Fabulous @ 50

Jon Heller said...

I have no doubt that Healthy Honi will return to those feel her grieving, her optimism and her love. We're all here for you Hon.

Peoria, IL

Big Pissy said...

I agree with the other comments.

Live for today....and know that each day is a gift.