Saturday, July 12, 2008

ILLUSIONS and My Trivia

Sometimes I think that if I do not go online and check my bank account.. then .. well as long as I don't see that I am broke. I really am not broke.. right?
Sometimes I think that if I just ignore someone who annoys me that they will fall off the face of the earth.. sadly that usually does not happen..
Sometimes I think that if I do not get on the scale then I do not have a weight issue and am perfectly healthy and normal.. until I pass a mirror and suddenly get a rude wake up call..
When I was a kid I thought I invented Cheese burgers from Burger in a Hurry with just ketchup and orange soda to drink... why??.. well no one i knew ate or drank that.. so I must have invented it right???
When I was a kid I thought that all the people on television went to sleep when I turned the tv off.. consequently I broke the knob off the old black and white tv in my bedroom due to the fact I kept turning the tv off and on.. 3 channels I checked them all repeatedly.. lol
When I was a kid I had wallpaper in my room.. blue and purple tulips.. that if you squinched your eyes a certain way looked profiles of monster faces.. I wondered if they talked while I was asleep..
When I was a kid I thought all my dolls suddenly came to life when I would go to sleep.. therefore I tried to stay up all night.. or I carefully placed them around the bedroom ( this would freak me out on occassion if anyone came in my room and moved things around during nap or bedtime..)
When I was a kid I really thought it was cool when my sisters would put all the Barbie dolls in the red convertible Barbie car and smash them into the wall and the dolls would all go flying out.. lol
When I was a kid I would collect Holly Berries and acorns and pretend they were Barbie food..
When I was a kid I cut off the hair on My Chrissy doll.. I wanted to know if she really would grow more hair or not if I pressed her belly repeatedly. Sadly there was not an endless hair supply... I also had her cousin Velvet too..
When I was a kid I used to love taking apart transistor radios piece by piece.. of course I never could put them back together again.. this got me into trouble more than once..
When I was a kid my two favorite cereals were PUFFA PUFFA RICE and QUISP until my mother decided I could not eat these anymore and switched me to Puffed rice and Puffed wheat.. no sugar.. yeah I was happy .. whoo friggin hoo..
When I was a kid my favorite Tv shows were:
THE BRADY BUNCH heck someone still loves them they have a website
THE PATRIDGE FAMILY they also have a website sheesh
Little House on the Priarie
I LOVE LUCY yes i still watch it on TVLAND
alright I loved most everything from SID AND MARTY KROFT as a kid..
Yeah I had a pretty phsyicadelic imagination back then.. no drugs needed ...
Okay thats my trivia for the day..

Wish me well
Wish you well too


buddha_girl said...

I HAD A CHRISSY DOLL TOO!! I clearly remember the Christmas I got her - holy shit. I loved that doll. I didn't cut her hair like you did, crazy woman!

I had a serious crush on Shaun Cassidy - I had a dream that he came to visit me at my house. I think I was six years old. That's some sick stuff. Har!

Lora said...

Funny how we view life as kids! I used to think my teachers lived at school and weren't allowed in the "real" world!

Chubby Chick said...


I never cut the hair of my Chrissy doll, but most of my Barbies ended up being scalped. lol

Ann(ie) said...

OH yes. I suffer from the same delusions girlfriend!!