Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hope everyone had a great weekend... ours did not go exactly as planned.. No great Puppy hunt.. Steve found a leak in the front tire of the motorcycle.. we took it to the shop.. not only was the valve messed up.. but the back tire had a BOLT in it.. so they repaired everything but by then it was too late to take the trip to Collinsville so we will do that soon.. oh well.. I am always up for a good Puppy Hunt...

I decided to weigh this morning... 182.2 YAY one pound down..

SO thats good... Will weigh again next Sunday or Monday..

We did some baking tonite some Yummy beer bread.. to go with our lean chili.. and some Black Bean Brownies.. SO yummy.. uh huh.. a good treat..

I had weird dinner tonite.. a piece of beer bread 2 clemintines.. and a tiny square of a black bean brownie.. lol.. oh well..

I am beat.. spent the day tearing down the kitchen and finally incorporating the wedding gifts in... got rid of a lot too... YAY..

I also have my photos on disk to go get prints of for our weddng album.. so thats all good too...

Off to bed with me..

OHHHH I switched over to Slide .com and put up a new SLIDE SHOW above... I just put wedding shots.. I used to love that ROCK YOU site but it is not as cooperative as
Night night more tomorrow..
wish me well
wish you well too..


Lora said...

What is beer bread? Sounds yummy! That's the one thing I have a really hard time with as I try to eat better...breads. I try to stick with the whole grains but I sure am a sucker for the bread baskets with the hot white stuff when I go to a restaurant!

Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on another pound lost! :)