Wednesday, December 5, 2007

IT'S STILL CHANUKAH ( it will be until next tuesday) ..A TRIP TO THE BANK

Well here we are at the first Day of Chanukah.. tonight we light the second candle.. We skipped our latkas last night and are planning to do a brunch on Sunday.. I think we are going to ask Steve's son and daughter in law and grandson.. Now they celebrate Christmas.. (they are not jewish) so we thought this might be a fun way of sharing Chanukah with them.. thats when we thought we would do the latkas.. hmm I loved your comments from yesterday and Scale Junkie that Zuchini idea sounds super.. will have to try that..

Okay I went to the bank today.. not my regular bank where I have yet to change my name but Steve's bank were we share an account.. It is hard to remember to use the married name when I am there still LOL. I guess I will get used to that as time goes on.. anyhow.. I was riding a side road off the highway and I noticed all the geese around these man made lakes they were busy hunting through the grass for yummy bugs or whatever geese eat.. .. then I started thinking.. about all of us.. all of us on this planet.. creatures .. people .. anything with a mouth and a belly.. no matter what each of us.. from the smallest of us to the largest of us.. are always in need of this one thing.. some of us nose through grass.. some us hunt and eat wildly.. some us pick through trash.. some of us scream angrily until that bottle or breast is pushed into his or her mouth..or the spoon is randomly shoved in loaded with whatever green or orange goo mom could find for babies..some of us beg for it.. will do tricks for it.. some of us are starving for it.. Some of us have way to much of it.. or way to little of it.. Food.. sustenance.. excess.. however.. we can have it.. .. so amazingly food centric are we ...

We as humans are suppose to provide for our young.. we are suppose to teach them the proper amounts of food to ingest.. we are suppose to lead by example.. yet we still for the most part have not learned.. and some of us have learned so well that we make our children OBSESSIVE about food. instead of letting them learn by their instincts .. when to stop eating.. or what to eat .. There are those that have managed some how to lead by example.. there are those out there who exercise and have given that love to their children.. those same people love to indulge too.. and they have taught their children that they can indulge in moderation .. and that good exercise leads to good health both mentally and physcially.. Truthfully that is who I wish i was.. I wish I was one of those type people.. granted I have no children to teach.. however I wish someone had taught me by letting me have a good example.. I did not have that growing up.. I had a dad that loved to indulge and he would let me indulge and I had a mom that was obsessive about my weight so much so that she put me on my first diet at 10.. what a horrible thing to do to a kid.. food was taken away from me.. i learned to be a fast eater and to hide food around the house for later.. I was always afraid I would not have enough to eat.. had I simply learned then what I have learned now.. things would have been different.. but I cant fault my parents for what they thought was the right thing.. nor can I fault the doctor who put me on diet pills at 13.. nor can I fault anyone.. 45 years old.. thats what I am .. and I am still learning how to manage my eating.. for now.. I am eating to lose.. eventually I will be eating to maintain.. IF I were a parent.. not only would I be teaching myself but I would work so hard to help my children.. be healthier wiser eaters.. and better exercisers... I would teach my children to be every thing I am not so that when they are my age.. they would not find themselves in my dilemmas.. hmm thats what I thought about today.. My reality is becoming that person I want to be.. a healthy nutritiously sound human.. who indulges every now and then.. but eats sensibly and enjoys exercise .. whatever that may be..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Twix said...

That's a good reality!

It's hard with children. With mine I found that when they were younger they listened to their own dinner alarms. When to stop and when to start. Occasionally I would see the stop one go off and they didn't stop. So I just quietly chatted to that person. And yes sometimes as a group we have chatted about these things. As they have gotten older in particular my teenage son, he seems to be in forever starvation mode. Meaning he can never get enough to eat. So I gently suggest and yes sometimes I don't cook quite as much because I know he will want to consume everything. No I am not depriving my children. Just being conscious of them and their choices.

When I was growing up my mother kept the refridgerator and pantry pad-locked. My grandmother, who I rarely saw, thought all things sugar, grease, and high fat must be consumed in vast large quantities. My mom's meals usually consisted of a lowfat meat, a vegetable, and some other lowfat side dish. We weren't allowed to eat those sugary cereals. And my grandmother's meal usually consisted of Mc.Donalds and seconds of that. Thankfully I didn't see Grandma much. But having all the food locked up was a bummer. By the time I was old enough, I got a job and my own private food stash, lol.

I do love potato pancakes! Mmmmmm.... :)

sorry for going on and on and

EC said...

You look so beautiful in your wedding gown - I'm sure it was a wonderful day!

Now onto the bad news -

Hello. It's Erin from Our Wicked Weighs - the weight loss blog that you registered for :) Please come to my personal blogging site at for an update on the demise of Our Wicked Weighs. This is a sad day that I was not expecting whatsoever. Even if you have come by only once to our blog, or everyday since its conception, we want you to know how much we valued your input and your continued support of our blog. We wish you much weight loss success, but as you will read, we will certainly be seeing you soon!

Erin and Jasmine
Our Wicked Weighs

Lora said...

Hers' an interesting theory...When my first daughter was born I bottle fed her (tried breast feeding but couldn't figure it out ~ I sounds incredibly stupid but it was true!) Anyway - my hovering mom (loved her to pieces but still...) said I MUST put her on a schedule. Every 4 hours. No more - no less.

Second daughter comes along and this time I've investigated breast feeding fully and know what I'm doing. I put her on a demand feeding schedule. When she's hungry - she eats. Even if it's 20 minutes after I last fed her. When she's not - I don't force her. Mother is horrified but I stick my ground. I do the same with daughter number three.

Guess what? Daughter #1 is overweight. She lives to eat. Daughters 2 and 3 are slender. They eat to live.

Maybe there's nothing to my theory. but then again...maybe there is.