Friday, November 30, 2007


LETS TALK FOOD.. I admit and confess whole heartedly I like to eat.. no.. I love to eat.. I love a good meal surrounded by family and friends.. I love to cook a good meal and folks to enjoy it.. I guess its my way of nurturing.. what I have learned though is that.. although the chocolate laden goodies are fun to make.. and the cookies are fun too.. and the gooey cheesey rich foods are fun too.. well I have learned that COOKING HEALTHY can be even more fun.. it required the ability to not get frustrated easily and to be VERY CREATIVE while be attentive to ingredients and serving size..

Today lets focus on EAT WELL.. and EATING FUN... when you have some time check out this website its a fabulous place just like many others out there.. here u can get coupons.. sign up for it.. for great recipes and informative info... remember what that what you are doing is not DIETING.. you are making a commitment to yourself to be healthier every day... You do not have to starve or feel deprived of anything.. you just have to be cognizant what you are doing..
I dedicate this post to those of you that are having to deal with the holiday rush.. and any pressure that goes with it .. Please do not give up on the most valuable person to you... YOURSELF.. please believe that ultimately you can reach your long desired goals.. I promise.. I really really do promise.. I don't care if you weigh 500 pounds you can do this by being sensible.. and smart... You really know that eating a baked potato with spray butter and a little light cheese and maybe even some salsa in it.. is far better than boring old salty french fries.. BUT if you must have those fries.. bake some.. or if you must have what you consider the real thing.. Have a small serving... eat it slowly... but just maybe this time.. though try something different.. develop a good substitute that is more satisfying.. Look at me... I have battled this since I was born.. I have dieted since I was 10... and all it turned me into was a 45 year old obese woman.. WHOOO HOOO.. yeah I am thrilled about those results.. but... the fact is.. I can change that.. and so can you.. I will weigh 132.. thats my true goal... I will do it... and what ever your goal is.. you can do it.. Just believe in it.. and think about what you are doing... always remember that the First and second and so forth slice.. will always taste the same.. so why not just have one... if you have to play games with yourself.. then cut the one slice ( a reasonable portion) into 4 pieces... SEE TA DA YOU have four slices of whatever.. or perhaps just that one REASONABLE.. ( NOT MEDIUM, NOT HUGE, NOT HALF THE WHATEVER... ) can simply satisfy you... just please think.. and please do not give up... BE good to yourself by believing you can control what you do.. and you do not have to suffer for it..
I am not a headbanger thats going to sit here and say.. HEY FAT ASS ... STOP EATING.. OR DON'T EAT THAT.. All I am saying is think about what you are eating.. ask yourself is their a substitute .. ask yourself.. if you can handle one slice and thats it.. ask yourself.. if you are important enough to change.?????. yes .. I know the answer to that last question my friend you are important enough to STOP.. LOOK .. and LISTEN to yourself.. you CAN DO IT...

Okay stepping off my tiny little soap box...
have a great weekend..
We are going on a great PUPPY hunt tommorow morning..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Good luck with your puppy hunting. Hopefully you're looking at adopting a puppy from a Shelter?

Lady T said...

oooo! a puppy! thats fun! i was puppy hunting myself this time last year....


anywho, you make a good point here. eating well does mean you ahve to actual think, lol. lots of times i have been lackign creativity and have let old habits creep in simple bc i have not thought outside the box. you're right! i can bake some fries at home instead of buying them out. this is not a novel concept! lol...

slowly, but surely. thats my new motto.

have a great weekend!


Ann(ie) said...

Puppy hunting. awwwww! I cannot wait to see pics.


I like your soap box. Gets me motivated. I too love to eat and today while at the grocery store some cookie dough jumped into my cart. I gotta get serious again tomorrow. Today has NOT gone well!!

Happy Happy Weekend, girlie!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Ooo, puppy hunting. How exciting :-)

Also, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely post that you left over at my place. I am sorry to hear that you have also experienced rude comments from others :-(

I just don't know how, or why, certain people can be soooo rude.

Oh well, with lovely people like you in the world, *they* pale into insignificance!

You take care, lovely....

I hope that the week ahead will be a good one for you!

L x

Laura said...

A puppy hunt -how fun!!! My Yorkie Miss Rosie had puppies about 12 weeks ago and we kept one. Her name is Darla and she is so sweet!