Monday, December 17, 2007

THINGS I SAW in the last couple of days

Christmas Down the road

Dakota ( my friend's new puppy ) and Steve

Christmas down the road
I love my friend's new pup Dakota.. he is a chocolate lab and I got to meet him last night and he is a snuggle bunny...
I also love seeing the Christmas decorations this is in a neighborhood not too far from our home.. some of these folks have more decoration than they have house .. regardless I love the Christmas spirit and the pretty lights..

Well I am guessing everyone is in the middle of the Christmas rush.. getting all the rest of your gifts... and preparing for big parties this weekend through the beginning of the week.. We are going over to a friends Christmas eve for CHILI Christmas.. we go every year... We have got some shopping to do for Steve's grandson... I think we are going to go the book route... I love giving books to children .. in this day and age with all the electronics out there.. reading is one of the only things left to encourage a child's imagination ... and it never needs any special hookups or batteries or anything.. except a willing reader and two or more listening ears...

Look what I found googling:

The Overeating Elf

Once there was an elf named Frez that would get so nervous during Christmas time that he would eat two lunches at the elf cafeteria. He tried to be just too perfect in toymaking and never thought they were good enough for the children. The dolls' eyes never sparkled enough, thought Frez, and the wagons were not as shinny as last year. Nothing seemed to be going right and the time for delivery of the presents was getting closer. It was beyond anybody’s understanding why Frez was getting so particular and asking for an elf suit larger than his size. Then, one day Santa found out what the problem was and decided to solve it. It seemed that Frez was not a young elf, but elves never looked their age by the virtue of being ever cheerful and happy. Frez needed to feel he was special, so Santa assigned him his own project called "special toys." These were the toys that were broken and needed to be repaired with love. Frez was so glad to be in charge of such a project that he had only one lunch that day because he had to hurry back to his tasks. There is a lesson to be learnt from what Santa did for the elf. Sometimes we have off days when we just don’t feel positive. Someone's smile or invitation to join some friends can make our whole day worthwhile. Frez is now content with assembling the broken toys and transform them into something new, and he has stopped being a voracious eater that he once used to be because he is happy. He even wears his old suit now, and his new suit is taken in for his smaller waist. Its wise for us to try and do something worthwhile everyday so that a "Frez Attack" will never get us. We all have special talents and potentials and we can definitely help someone out if he is feeling a bit low. It takes only a few seconds to be able to know why someone is not feeling happy. Take out that time from your usual day and listen. Most importantly, we are here to help each other and all of us have that hidden talent to do it. Start to make use of that talent today.

And for you last minute cookie bakers here are some lowfat christmas cookie recipes :

That's all for now... it is a chilly SUNNY Tuesday in Alabama

Wish me well

Wish you well too!!


cadbury_vw said...

hoping your christmas season is a good one.


i haven't been out and about in blogland much in the past couple of months and this was the first opportunity i have had to see your wedding pictures.

you are a beautiful bride. thank-you for sharing your special day with us. thank-you for lighting a trail of hope a positivity on your blog.

A Lighter Life... said...

I love the photos, Honi...

It's lovely to see how some people decorate their homes for the festive season. I think it hleps to get everyone in the mood!

As for the cute little puppy, awww, how cute. I want one! I don't think our woofers would be at all impressed though :-(

I do hope the festive season will be a joyous one for you, Steve, the woofers and the rest of your family :-)

Catch up with you soon....


LL x

Lady T said... thats it....i should be repairing broken toys, or something.


i love seeing all the lites around this time too puts me in a good mood...i'm looking forward to visiting the parade of lights when LR and i get together tomorrow evening.

Grumpy Chair said...

Great photos. I love lab puppies!

How old is Steve's grandson?

Some books Fang Jr. has loved:

Kindergarten age: Junie B. Jones series.

Over 1st grade: Magic Treehouse series, Box Car Children Series

Over 3rd grade: Marvin Redpost, The cul de sac kids; Captain Underpants

5th grade: Gary Paulson's Hatchet Series;

Grumpy Chair said...

From:Fang Jr
Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy,
Bourne Ultimatum,
And Look for Bourne conspiracy.
Maybe Kimberly Willis Holt's When Zachary Beaver came to town,

Princess Dieter said...


Oh, I love wedding photos!!!!!!!!!!

Honi, what a sweet-faced, feminine, pretty bride you made! (Groom's attractive, too, if you do not mind me saying so.)

And now I want to rub Dakota's head. What a cutie.

I never take enough photos. I'm realizing this as I scan your blog. Okay, for 2008, I will learn to use and upload from a digital camera. I gotta get over my tech-gadget phobias.


May joy and health fill your married days for the rest of your lives.

The Princess