Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So the Ho Ho Hos are getting put away... the wrapping paper is either being recyled or overflowing a garbage bin... presents have been enjoyed.. and meals have been flowing..

Where were you one year ago today? Were you still stuffed from too many Pull Apart Christmas pastries? was the cookie dough still heavy in the air? Could you not believe that another Christmas had come and gone there you were exactly the same if not more so for another Christmas... and just around the bend another new year was coming filled with half hearted hopes of getting healthy.. and that deep sigh that eating and over eating was just too easy..

Or perhaps?? something had somehow finally changed.. be it by 10 pounds or 100 pounds.. something in you clicked as the year turned its final page.. Something allowed you to make change happen.. You see it is not the measure of the pounds that really count.. its the realization that no matter what age you are you can seriously change yourself... so to those of us that our less than what we were one year ago.. lets stand up and APPLAUD ourselves... Job well done.. now we must continue...

Too those of us.. who really wanted this .. but got caught up in the landscape of our lives... and did not find the courage to change.. I APPLAUD you too.. for maybe as the year winds down you can put things behind you and take the leap of faith required for long term change.. It is hard.. it is a constant challenge... but once you take that leap .. then you know anything is possible.

Remember it is not the pounds that count it is the change that happens with in.. anyone can lose weight.. but the object is long term change... For the rest of your life your weight will fluctuate.. but it is how we learn to control that , that matters most.

Life is about constant motion and change.... no matter what your goal is... that is just a number.. the more real things are the changes you make with in... dealing with the future.. dealing with over eating... dealing with stress.. dealing with joy.. dealing with family and friends... realizing that some of those friends and family will be proud of your changes and some will resent your changes.. Realizing that you alone have the deep set power to over come and achieve what ever you want... and yes.. even in it's most complicated form.. no matter what it is.. you can control the way you react to any circumstance.. and any consequence.

So as you put up the presents.. and discard the trash... put old thoughts and negativity in the trash too...
2008 awaits you .. full of adventure... good health... new discoveries... and a new you!...

thats it for a blustery Wednesday in Alabama
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Anonymous said...

Hi Honi,

I do hope that you and your loved-ones had an enjoy time over the holidays...

I am looking forward to the year 2008, and to continuing on with the weight loss and exercise!

All the very best to you my friend!

Love N Hugs,

LL x

Laura said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Sorry I have been missing -hope to be back full swing soon.
Good luck in 2008!