Monday, December 10, 2007


I think if I could have any magical power it would be to freeze time.. both Steve and I wish we could just snap back 4 weeks ago to our wedding weekend.. It was so much fun and it was so joyous to be with everyone.. exactly one week after our wedding a precious friend of ours.. an older friend .. died suddenly of a stroke... she had been at our wedding.. a week later gone...
Tonight I will be watching the video of our wedding and stepping back in time.. and I will see her there.. and wonder why we simply can not freeze time... just for a bit.. just to be able to grasp the goodness out of life.. truth is though it is living life.. taking the sad and bad together that makes the joyful times even more meaningful...
I think were I am going with the ramble is .. try and not waste your time .. the time you have with those you love.. mend riffs, heal wounds.. make 2008 the year you stop living with regret.. thats my plan.. we all know God laughs when we make plans.. but I am going to take that time and live it.. as I make my life changes through out 2008 ... I never capped off my goals.. I never said by this date I would be 132.. a lot of people think thats bad.. but I think.. it is good.. it makes me real.. and it keeps me honest..
On that note.. here is a dose of honesty from me.. This weekend was a bust food wise.. From eating a bagel for brunch yesterday with a good shmear of cream cheese.. to eating a bagel for dinner with a little melted cheese on it.. to my Moms wonderful coffee cake.. several skinny and I mean almost see through slices.. i should just have had one big slice for heavens sake.. not to mention 3 potato latkas with sour cream and apple sauce.. then Saturday night.. well.. I had tunafish, and potato latkas with applesauce.. I had about 4 now they are not huge.. in fact mine are a little bigger than a silver dollar.. BUT THEY ARE FRIED.. thats bad... oh well.. it is eaten.. and I am not a purger.. and its done... I had fiber one honey cluster cereal this morning.. I had a lean cuisine for lunch ... I have fresh fruit and I have some chopped raw veggies with light blue cheese dressing for dipping... I have my fiber one bar .. and I have a cheese stick with a serving of crackers should I still be hungry through out the the day.. not sure what we are doing for dinner.. I think some type of chicken.. Am sipping on my diet sunkist right now...
Here is what amazes me.. and never ceases to amaze me.. Just how easy it is to eat unhealthy.. or maybe its not unhealthy .. well it is unhealthy but it is not like I ate a box of buddy bars or something I had holiday food.. I get once a year... its over.. hmmm do I sound like I am trying to justify over eating... I hope not! ..
Well.. thats it for a monday.
wish me well ..
wish you well too!!


Scale Junkie said...

I think your post is resonating what I've been feeling for a few weeks now. Time is so precious, we have to make the most of the time we have. No regrets!

I have a contest on my blog, stop over and enter if you want :-)

Lauren said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

buddha_girl said...

I'm so sorry that you and Steve have experienced such a shocking loss so closely linked to your precious day of marriage. I hope the healing begins soon.

I think if we label certain things as bad, we'll continue to see those foods as challenges to overcome rather than friends who visit on rare occasions. Nothing is hands-off for me anymore. I can eat a bite of anything. I refuse to gnash my teeth and regret having taken a few bites.

I'm glad you took the time to indulge lightly during your holidays. I wish I could have had one or two latkes with you. I freaking love those suckers. *sigh*