Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been thinking a lot lately... I have been reading your blogs.. and thinking even more.. a lot of us feel as if we can just maintain until 2008 then we can make a fresh start and recommit.. I think this is good.. and I think this is bad..

I think this is bad because it could give us the permission we want to eat whatever we want..

I think this is good because it could give us the permission we want to eat whatever we want...

and maybe if we give ourselves that permission we just might see that we don't really want to eat whatever we want.. that somewhere along the way something has clicked.. that while a smaller portion or smaller piece is satisfying.. we do not have to indulge in every morsel.. we don't have that sense of being deprived anymore because we gave ourselves permission to just enjoy things.. and taste things.. and eat slowly.. and if "Uncle Joe" or "Aunt Minnie" thinks we are too fat and lets the whole table know that.. or if someone has to just make that comment to you because "they have your best interest at heart" be brave and say NO you do not.. I have my BEST interest at heart for the first time in my life.. I am free.. Free of not feeling good enough, or not feeling smart enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough, or just right enough ... I am free to make my own decisions.. with out your eagle eyes telling me how worthless I am .. or wrong I am .. or unattractive I am because I do not live up to the expections you have set for me... I have my own expectations now.. of myself..

Whether it be 50 pounds or 200 hundred or more pounds.. have your own expectations of yourself.. set yourself free from the bondage of other's opinions of yourself.. YES start fresh and if that means you are going to maintain your weight until January 22 , or January 10th.. then by all mean do so.. but only do this for you.. only start fresh for you.. Make 2008 the year of the SELFISH SELF , MAKE 2008 your year to be great and achieve great things for yourself.

It is with those thoughts in mind.. that I too will be maintaining my weight until 2008. I will continue to weigh in.. but I will not log my food.. and if i want to exercise then fine but if I choose not too.. then on JANUARY 8th 2008 my commitment date..that is when these new things will come into focus.. I am tired of saying no to food.. I am tired of denying myself .. when I deny myself overeating happens.. so as the holidays spin about.. and I go and visit with friends.. I want to be able to say its okay if I taste that.. or do this or do that.. but my Commitment date is January 8th... 2008.. Pick your commitment date.. put it in your blog.. talk about it.. make it your goal.. Monitor yourself until your commitment date comes up.. then start fresh.. breath in .. breath out.. and know that that date you choose is your claim ticket to a new beginning .. I am doing that.. Thats what worked for me last year when my commitment date was January 22 2007 I lost 30 pounds.. and I have kept it off.. if I lose 30 pounds a year then YAY FOR ME.. I am doing it.. slowly but I am doing it.. forever..

Wish me well

Wish you well too

P.S. Yes I promise 98% of the time I wear my seatbelt now...


buddha_girl said...

I don't deny myself anymore. When I did, I found myself wanting to eat just because I felt I was able to thumb my nose at the "rules." No more.

I have a bite of something if I want it. I don't overeat anymore because of a myriad of reasons.

Do I ever feel guilty for eating something? Sure. I think it's just the way things are when I've had issues with food my entire life. So be it.

I'm committed to enjoying the holiday season and beyond regardless. I think the more "fun" I have with food rather than "competition" with food - the happier I'll be.

I'm going to make some homemade latkes in your honor! I may even post a pictorial! Woo hoo!

Lora said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm going to shoot for January too. The first (how novel...) but between then and now - I'm getting my game plan together - how & where I'm going to exercise is my number one priority.

January 1st 1985 I threw a pack of cigarettes away (I was a 2 pack a day smoker) and never picked up another one again.

So it's time to make this stick too. We can do it!

Scale Junkie said...

Excellent post Honi (as usual) You know I'm allowing myself to eat what I want 20% of the time, the rest of the time I'm staying on plan and I'm exercising. My goal is to maintain. You know I've passed up a lot of food because its just not worth it. My husband taught me a lesson about food when we were at Costco a year or so ago. They always have samples of different foods and there was a woman handing out brownies and he likes brownies and I said "aren't you going to have one?" and he replied with "no, I already know what they taste like" So I find myself turning away foods for the same reason...I don't need to taste them, I know what they are and I don't need it.

But yeah, January 1, I'm all about giving 1000%!!!

A Lighter Life... said...

Yet another thought provoking post, Honi...

Whilst I'd like to give myself permission to thoroughly enjoy my Christmas (food wise) I'm not sure the control freak in me would be totally happy with that, LOL.

I keep toying with the notion of giving myself Christmas Day off the plan, but in reality, I know that this will then probably turn into Boxing Day too!

Oh well, maybe it's safe for ME to not make any plans and just go with the flow, LOL...

Wishing you a great week ahead :-D


LL x

Minke said...

every day is committment day for me. I expect to "fail" at times through the holidays, but with an outpatient procedure scheduled for Jan 7, I can't afford to give myself permission to take time off my diet.

Because the gym will be clased 6 of the next 15 days, I'll no doubt find it more difficult to reach my goals with respect to the new year. And I will have totally missed the goal I wanted most (to have lost 71.6 lbs or more by Christmas) but I can deal with all that.

I'm still hoping to continue to loose a bit week by week, and I'm hoping this wednesday to be putting up my 50lb badge. Do I think that's realistic? I don't know. But I know I'm NOT going to let the lapses in my diet OR the scales continue to discourage me!

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Fat Grl Slim said...

Yeah you! What a great post. And a good plan. I myself am thrilled that my mom's new house doesn't have a kitchen and I can live off of lean cuisine and steamed veggies for the next two weeks of vacation!!!

And don't deny, moderate! That's my motto :)

I found that by not denying, there are some foods I don't even crave anymore -- or when I actually do eat them, they don't even taste as good as they used to!

Keep up the good work!