Tuesday, December 11, 2007


With both adult and childhood obesity at an all time high.. it is a scary thought that so many people would rather put their heads in the sand.. and tune out rather than turn on. Turn on and make changes...When one starts a weight loss program he or she is usually asked to make huge changes not only in their eating but in their lifestyle... One has to be sincerely commited to partake in this.. doing so half heartedly will only result in failure. So I think the first key is finding what motivates you to want to make these changes.. I think thats why a lot of folks who are successful are successful when they lose weight in their own time and way. I think that weight gain or loss is very personal.. why shouldn't it be.. IT INVOLVES THAT UNIQUE PERSON. Programs such as weight watchers or TOPS.. or the many other groups out there are good support networks for the most part.. they have their cut and proven methods as do programs such as L A weight loss and Nutrisytem , Jenny Craig etc... Each has its own keys to success.. yet in those programs your key to success is greatly altered by how you are willing to comply with the program.. I have done WW several times.. and I enjoyed it.. and still think its great. I keep coming back to this one thought .. I am a unique person.. perhaps I need a unique program based on what works just for me. Sure I could do a fasting program.. sure I could follow anything.. but what part of me is going to want to follow this for the rest of my life.. If I create something that is flexible yet sturdy... if I create something that moves with me.. then I feel I have a better chance at success.. I see that logging my food.. and eating healthier works for me.. I also see my weak spots .. DRINKING WATER is a huge one.. I like propel but I am not a fan of plain water.. and lemon water just does not work either... So I started last night.. drinking water after 8 pm. prior to 8 I can drink my diet Sunkist.. or Diet Gingerale. or Propel. .. I am slowly starting to work towards the goal of not eating after 8 pm too. I am also trying to develop an exercise program I will stick with ..I have not found my groove there yet.. I love to swim... I like to walk... I like the bike.. but I have to be so careful because of my back.. so finding something consistantly I can do with out injury is a huge goal. For the last week I had a couple days I really did not log my food.. I am wishy washy about that.. sometimes I do it religiously and right now I am going through that rebellious faze of I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS >> I KNOW HOW TO EAT.. I WANT TO NOT THINK AND NOT PLAN and just live.. thats what really irritates me.. I also have some things coming up personally I am nervous about.. EMAIL ME if you want to know what that is about.. I don't want too much out publically yet... It is nothing bad.. its just HUGE change and it kinda scares me.. and thrills me at the same time.. and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT lol..... nor thinking about that. ..

So back to the topic of my blog today.. WHAT THEY ASK US TO DO and WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO DO... do you find yourselves saying yes to things .. even when you know you do not want to do something.. I am that way.. Do you find yourself following something even when deep down you do not want to do it.. .. it could be the latest weight loss gimic or a new hair cut.. but you follow or do it anyway because you think. its going to create something different than what you have already.. I think.. nothing really changes unless we are ready to take charge of ourselves.. it is at that moment when things have the force to change.. it is at that moment when we decide to take charge that suddenly life starts to fit better.. Being able to say no when you mean no.. being able to decline a hair cut or a diet fad... having faith that the path you have chosen for yourself is the right one .. is the most powerful thing one can do. So listening to ourselves.. and finding out what we really want.. be it not losing weight.. or losing weight.. or being fit and fat, or being fit and smaller.. or being simply healthier.. those are all viable goals.. things that might be underlying ... I have set my long term goal in pounds.. so I have the concrete goal in mind... and I am slowly reaching towards that goal.. IT is a tough road.. one each of us knows all to well.. for each of us.. whatever changes we are making .. this journey is fraught with pot holes and detours.. but as long as it is REALLY WHAT WE WANT.. and not WHAT THEY ASK OF US.. then I think its a better journey..

NOT BECAUSE OF A THEM or a HE or a SHE.. do this.. because inside of you.. it is the direction you want to go...

Thats it for a Tuesday in Sunny and HOT Alabama.. ( please send some cooler weather our way)

Wish me well
Wish you well too


ALighterLife said...

I think you are right, Honi, we really do have to find our own way when it comes to weight loss and exercise. And hey, life in general I guess!

Just because a certain diet works for one person, it really doesn't mean that it is going to work equally well for another...

As with everything else in life, I guess it all boils down to your own determination and willpower to succeed.

I ALWAYS used to be in such a rush when it came to weight loss; thinking that I HAD to lose X amount of pounds by a certain date! However, I am slowly coming around to the realisation that this isn't a race and I have to learn to take it one day at a time. After all, I didn't get to be 287 Ibs overnight! So why should I expect to lose it all overnight!?

Wishing you all the very best, Honi....

Lots of hugs,

LL x

buddha_girl said...

Hell, I wish I had some cooler weather as well. It was in the mid-70's here yesterday. Where the hell is the snow?

On another note, I have to agree that the lifestyle has to fit the person and has to be the person's CHOICE. I've lost over 100 lbs TWICE...and gained it back both times. Both times, I lost it for someone other than myself.

I made the choice to do it for myself four years ago. I'm still on the road, still hit some bumps, still know that I'll always face the challenge of food.

However, I also know that I'm not a bad person because I've had a bad day and am honest with myself about why I make the choice to eat. Four years ago, I lied to myself about what I ate and why I ate it. No more, sister!

I thanked you on my bloggy but wanted to make sure you knew that the bee made it to the Buddha Home today! He looks so spritely driving his car on our tree! I'm going to take pics. Buddha's rubbed his hands together with pure glee each and every time he's looked at his gift from Honi! Thank you!

Big Pissy said...

I think both alighterlife and buddha girl had great comments. :)

I do think that it's something that you have to do for yourself~no one else....and you have to remember that it didn't come on overnight~so you can't expect to lose it overnight.

Kellie said...

The previous comments are all right on the money. Which means I won't take up valuable comment space by saying the same thing :)

Dona said...

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