Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I suppose a lot of folks would call me crazy.. but I firmly believe that creating illusion when you are trying to lose weight is a great idea.. in other words.. by using smaller mugs, bowls, plates and even eating utensils... it helps create the illusion that less is more .. and pretty soon this becomes habit.. For example .. last night we had cereal for dinner... Steve prepared it... even measuring out the cereal ( fiber one honey cluster cereal) he cut up a banana and divided it between the two GIANT mugs that he poured the cereal, milk and bananas in.. even with all of that the mug was only half full... and then he put a big spoon in it... My sensors went off like crazy... My first reaction was that this was not enough food for me.. I was hungry damnit and here u are giving a this tiny amount of cereal.. etc... Now if I had done it.. I would have used a smaller mug, measured everything out .. and used a smaller spoon.. guess what... same amount of food but since it is in a smaller mug it creates an illusion of being a lot ... and my mind is like .. OHHH yum this is great .. perfect.. I will be filled up... Food is such a head game for me.. and when I play the game right I always win. I used a smaller spoon and it helped me eat slower.. and I did get filled up... its just the illusion it creates.. I don't think Steve or most folks understand the power of illusion when it comes to serving food.... I like to use a smaller plate for my food.. again.. I create the illusion of a full plate even though its smaller than the dinner plate.. but I dont feel like I am missing anything.. I think when we work to create our meals or snacks in such a way that less is more.. then we are not only physically satisifed... but our mind's eye registers satisfaction too... I think it helps us realize that we can allow our bodies time to register to the fully mark... It takes around 20 minutes for the brain and body to communicate to each other that it is full... I think creating these illusions helps with that..
Just a thought..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


honib1 said...
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Too Fat To Fly... said...

I think we dieters ALL have certain hints & tricks that we perform to get us through the dieting day, LOL.

BY ALL means necessary, huh?