Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay , here is the thing.. I spent about 2 and a half hours perusing pictures of cakes last night.. and the sweet cake lady and I .. my mom and aunt... created my own design... we combined some cakes she had done.. so the bottom teir is octagon shape.. the next one is round, the next octagon and the top one is round too... it will be ivory color with luster dust on it.. to make it a little sparkely.. then it will be outlined in dark chocolate. then it will have groups of 3 small dots all over the cake... in dark chocolate.. the top of the cake will have choc covered and white choc drizzled strawberries on it.. Does that make sense???/ I am going to post pictures of several cakes.. the pictures are pretty bad because i took them with my cell phone and they are pictures of pictures LOL.. oy! what I won't do for a good cake!!!! okay remember the cakes are really blurry.. so maybe u can get sort of an idea what it will look like.. I will post pictures of the cake after the wedding along with a few wedding shots... First cake is a ivory cake with round tiers and dark chocolate decoration ..second cake is octagon shape.. and final cake is a round cake with luster dust and with little dots on it.. those are single dots mine will be 3 in a grouping spread all over the cake in dark choc... okay so.. use your imagination and combine all 3 cakes LOL ohh and I almost forgot .. it will be a chocolate .. like a devils food chocolate cake... YUH YUMMMM!!!!

SO thats the cake solution.. it costs about 100 bucks more than the original.. but I am also getting cake service with it.. she will provide everything but the plates and forks.. she will do the decoration of the table as well... I got my tiara last night.. gotta call the hair lady now..

and so it goes my friends...

Wish me well

Wish you well too..


Eve said...

Hey Honi,

Just a quick note to say I'm making some changes too. I've decided what I'm knitting for you isn't really wedding present stuff, so you'll get it for your birthday instead! Your cake will look great!

cadbury_vw said...

your cake sounds cool - i really look forward to seeing it

like cooking and baking and planning things like cake designs

so i'm all over the idea of spending a long time on deciding

Big Pissy said...

OMG! You and Little Pissy should talk! She designed her cake herself too! LOL! ;-)

I want to come to the wedding!!!! ;-)

Deb said...

OMG I bet it's going to be beautiful! Cakes are pieces of art - it's amazing what they can do!

Kellie said...

LOVE the cakes. Sounds like your's will be gorgeous...can't wait to see it!!

Southern Fried Fatty said...

the cake sounds wonderful. yummy