Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FLEXISM..and other tidbits from the news

Being a fan of I love to read articles this website produces... here is a a great article about ... FLEXISM.. the ability to limit meat in your diet and adopt a more vegitarian outlook... in other words.. as I have said often times.. treating meat as a side item instead of the main course... It is a super article that discusses food options that are appealing with out sacrificing flavor or taste...

How about that study regarding the Mcdonald's logo on preschoolers... the power of advertising is amazing.... and alarming obesity experts say.. OBESITY EXPERTS.. what the hell is an obesity expert... I think.. we all are obesity experts.. forget the lab coat... sorry.. I just hate the term obesity experts... anyhow.... the article stated that children given food wrapped in Mcdonalds wrappers prefered that over food wrapped in plain wrappers... the food was identical.. even baby carrots served in a Mcdonalds french fry wrapper was prefered over the typical wrapping of baby carrots.. Through the lovely media children are taught that anything in a Mcdonalds wrapper has to taste better then a plain wrapper.. hmm... I think that could be used to Mc D's advantage.. by promoting healthier options for everyone... It would have the Mcdonalds label on it.. but be more nutritionally sound... that would indeed be amazing..... Take a peak at the article and tell me what you think...

Gotta go log my food..
Wish me well.
Wish you well too..

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