Monday, August 6, 2007

MELTING MONDAY with a side of Questions...

okay!!! I am officially ready for winter... forget fall.. just bring me some cold outside air... it is sooooooo hot here.. will be about 100 today... even if it does rain it only succeeds in making the air so muggy its hardly breathable... Summer go away .. Winter come on down!!!!!

Enough weather meanderings... so here is a question for all of us out there? ... do you think you eat more in the Summer or winter.???.. In the winter do you feel sort of like a bear in hibernation.. pack on the warm rich foods of winter and stick to the cool fresh fruits of summer... Seems I find that I am less hungry in the summer because of the heat... I prefer cooler things.. Steve has gotten in the phenominal habit of making fresh fruit salad nearly every week.. We get Honeydews, Cantaloupes, Watermelons, grapes... and an occasional mango and mix it all together and you have a weeks worth of yummy good for you fruit salad... In the winter we tend to make a lot of soups or chili.. this year that is going to have to be ammended a little.. watching the fat in the soups and chili ... which I think is very doable..

Are you better at exercising in the summer or winter ??? I think I do better in the cooler weather but I am trying to get better in the warmer weather.. I just hate heat.... Yuck....!!!!
Well I am off to work...
wish me well
Wish you well too!!!


Too Fat To Fly... said...

Ooo, I definitely eat more healthily during the summer months. I can't really explain why. I just feel more inclined to eat salads and such like. Plus I find drinking water a lot easier too!

When the weather's cold and miserable, I just feel like constantly picking at high-calorie comfort foods :-(

Plus I find getting it hard getting in my water intake when it's cold as I just want to indulge in hot, sugary coffee...

I hope your week will be a good one!

Deb said...

I must be the only person out there that gains in the summer. Too many BBQ's and socializing. I tend to hide out in the winter and not socialize as much.

Working out is more consistant in the winter. Working out in the heat and humidity stinks!

Kellie said...

Oddly enough, I seem to eat better in the winter. As for exercise....I don't do it. I should. I want to. Not sure what my excuse is.