Wednesday, August 22, 2007


WOW!! OBESE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE we can rejoice!!! ... we are not obese because we over eat.. we are obese because we have a virus.... !!!! say what??? a virus???? yes.. for those that tuned into the Today Show this morning... they said that there are new studies that the same virus that causes common colds and pink eye may cause obesity in some people ...... check out the link... seriously... I know these things... I am not obese because I have a virus.. and my friends do not make me fat or fatter.. nor do I them... This is me.. I got this way on my own.. and with .. the the grace of God, willpower, a good attitude and exercise.. I am changing.. this summer has been a drag because all I have done is maintained.. between the back pain.. the physical therapy, the foot infection, antibiotics, and various other uncontrolable things.. no excuses... just the way it is... With that said.. there has been no significant weight gain so that is good... now... with my release from PT coming on Monday and the release from the podiatrist happening this past Monday.. I meet with my nutritionist this coming Monday and I am going onward and downward... ACHOOO.. oops .. bless my obesity...

Wish me well... wish you well too...!!!


buddha_girl said...

It embarasses me that the news is actually picking up stories about a possible virus causing obesity.

How about causing SOME people to be a little overweight? You don't become obese without eating. Duh. Stories like that make fat haters even more hateful. Argh!

I'm so glad that you're feeling more like yourself after this icky summer! How are the wedding plans coming along?

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm a maintainer too. Looking forward to autumn when I usually shed the most weight.

Good luck with the doc appointments and PT.

I usually watch the Today show, but haven't seen it at all the last two weeks . . . thank goodness.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Oh dear, what ever next?

That's just the excuse certain people will love :-(

I'm obese because I eat too much and I exercise too little! Simple!

I guess some people are always looking for an answer; in the hope of finding a fast & simple cure.

Truth is (as you know) losing weight takes hard word and determination...

Interesting post though! Thanks for sharing it :-D

Kellie said...

Anything I'd have said has already been said. So, I shall say "I love SHOES!! And TARGET!! And you? You ROCK!!"

I'm done typing now :)