Monday, August 20, 2007


YAY ... I was released from the podiatrist today,... looks like I am keeping my toe..not that I was about to lose it or anything.. but .. that infection did not want to let me go.. seems I am all cleared from infection as well.. I was not to happy about the dremil tool buffing but.. at least things are much better... yay...
Well the damage from eating unwisely was not as bad as I thought I got on the scale yesterday morning and I was 184.2 ... I am thinking that I should be able to knock 4 pounds off easier now.. with getting to exercise finally.. I just want to see the 170s. So if everyone could wave their weight loss wands over me.. and give me some good karma... and I just get out there and exercise and eat healthy.. well I should be in the 170s soon.. YAY...

Well not much in other news.. its pretty quiet in my world right now.. which after last week is a very good thing..
Wish me well.
Wish you well too..


buddha_girl said...

Here's to the 170s and to a healthy toe! So glad things are looking up!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hi Honi,

I am so glad that you have managed to get your foot *issues* sorted out at last.

Now you should be able to gradually increase your exercise again :-)

Good luck with reaching the 170's! I am sure you will reach them soon enough :-)

Have a great week...