Monday, August 13, 2007


At 11 am today Steve and I attended a memorial service for a wonderful gentleman.. He was leader in our community and up until he broke his hip 3 weeks ago at 96 years old a very active and vital man. He passed away this past Saturday morning in his sleep... Our synagogue was filled to the brim.. the service was lovely.. we did not go to the graveside service but we saw the processional leave the temple. Steve and I felt blessed because when he was 95 years old we made a dream of his come true... Steve gave him a ride on the motorcycle... and he and Steve had planned that when he turned 100 that Steve would take him out to Barbers Motorsport park for a ride around the track... We honestly thought he would make it too... his death though sad.. is a celebration of a good life.... On our way back to work.. my cell phone rang.. it was my sister letting me know that This morning my Aunt passed away..... I find comfort in knowing she does not suffer anymore.. and that I believe she is with my Uncle and might even be with my Dad. I find comfort in believing that those we lose are there to guide us from this life to that life. The funeral is Wednesday and I will be there with my mother. I probably will blog again on Thursday.. wish u all a great week...
Am going to try and remain balanced with my eating... and patient with myself.
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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