Friday, January 2, 2009


IT'S A NEW YEAR ... TIME FOR A NEW YOU! blah diddy blah blah blah.. yeah we are overwhelmed with ads screaming LOSE WEIGHT! BE A BETTER YOU.... GET FIT.. LOSE WEIGHT WITH WALMART..ehmm. what? LOSE WEIGHT WITH WALMART? lose weight with wallyworld, wall hell.. wallfart.. what ever your derivative.. Have you seen those repugnant ads on tv yet? buy your produce at walmart, eat smart with walmart.. etc.. c'mon.. walmart wants you skinny? walmart is trying to join the obesity band wagon if you ask me...
Here is what I have learned in 46 years..
It is not going to happen over night.. even though it seemed to have happened over night~
Life is a series of constants.. we constantly never know what life is going to hand us~
try as we might we are not perfect.. we were never intended to be perfect for that would destroy our individuality.
Eating healthy, is a choice... as is everything.
Being healthy is a combination of choice, action and genetic make up.
Constantly telling myself I am worhless and I do not deserve something is powerful... however, telling myself that I am worth everything and deserve the best that I can give myself.. by being good to myself is even more powerful.
There is no end, there is no finite. there is no promise, there is only will, effort, action, desire, and the rest of my life~
Nothing in life is a given.. when you put the effort out there, and the action is born.. and the results mount.. then this is what is a given.. effort will eventually yield results.

There is wonderful information out there and a wonderful website is not only is this a fabulous wealth of info but their magazine is great and I subscribe to it.
Changing our lifestyle.. moving our world a bit does not have to be straining and hard.. but it must be accepted that this is forever.. forever being the length of our lifetime. There is no go back to how we ate before .. that is if we want to be sucessful. IT is such an easy but difficult concept.. but one that can be done..
Find what works for you.. and above all do not listen to "them" find out what works for your body.. be it WW, SOUTHBEACH or just adapting to a healthier eating style.. It is true what they say .. all things in moderation..
Americans have screwy ideas about portion sizes and what should be viewed as a main course.. I have heard and seen this over and over again.. Truthfully, meat, should not be a main course but treated as a side dish.. Your veggies should be considered your largest portion.. your meat serving should only be about the size of a deck of cards.. Yeah.. shocking I know.. but the truth is .. well.. we are all still learning our truths..
I am finding what works for me.. and I will share that with you.. in hopes it might help you find your way... as I find mine..
Until Next time!

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Scale Junkie said...

Oh how I laughed at the lose weight with Wally commercials! You know there is enough transfat in a single store to kill a small country. Seriously, I find it so hard to shop there because I can't navigate it and avoid the temptations the way I can in Publix.