Thursday, January 15, 2009


It sure is freezing down south.. and only going to get colder.. Brrrr.. we should at least have some snow with this .. I mean at least that would be fun.. well I really can not complain its a glorious day out aside from it being windy and cold..
Eating wise , I am still reining things in and getting better every day..
I am still waiting on my program to come in the Eating Well V-trim program.. and 2 cookbooks associated with Eating Well.
I also signed up for their news letter.. HAVE A LOOKSEE at the website. Here is the current issue of Eating Well Magazine that I get..
Hope everyone is having a good Thursday..
Until Next time..


new*me said...

my in-laws and best friend are in Alabama and they are wishing some snow would accompany the cold too.

It's 5 here with windchills -12 but I am sooooooooo happy there isn't snow. We had enough of it before Christmas honestly to last me till next winter :)

Anonymous said...

It is cold here in bama isn't it? I hope we survive tomorrow! LOL. The good thing is I convinced my manager that we needed to wear jeans to work tomorrow because it was going to be so cold:)