Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A new president is a good thing ... When I listen too all the media .. especially here in the south.. my gag reflex gets very strong.. People.. what are you after? back off.. and watch for a bit.. I think commenting on Michelle's clothes is so pathetic... who are you to judge.. lest you be judged.
I think she is a smart and sharp first lady as far as her husband goes President Obama.. hmm has a nice ring to it.. His words paint a picture to a stiff future.. to a rebirth... filled with effort and hard work.. similiar to our journeys of good health... We put ourselves in these apathetic places.. and it is up to us to remove ourselves .. I hold no one responsible for my weight other than myself..

Is what we create .. what we make it to be.. the future is good.. even if there is failure .. let failure be a stepping stone to your next success.. learn from it.. remember it .. breath in.. breath out and move on..

You are not perfect.. you fall down, you make mistakes and you do the wrong thing.. over and over again.. yet at the same time.. you create new life .. be it another life, or recreating your own life.. You have hope.. hope that you can achieve anything you want.. and with that hope you have will.. a will to achieve what you want and can achieve.. so .. Do not fear yourself.. your weakeness makes you human.. With faith in yourself.. you can achieve.

Words are words.. words we type .. words fall out of onto the blank pages of our blogs.. out of our mouths.. from our thoughts.. Words can yield the consequence of success.. and make us feel exhilarated and excited.. or tear us down and make us feel less than what we are really worth.. Turn off those old tapes in your heads.. those old words and use new words.. like faith, good health, good choices.. I am getting stronger, I am getting healthy.. Okay .. I slipped a little today.. a minute ago.. brush off.. and pick up and move on... You are not the sum of those negative thoughts you keep holding on.. nor are you the sum of your pounds... You are a unique indvidual.. fragile, strong.. a fighter.. you can do this .. because you a warrior for yourself..
BREATH IN.. BREATH OUT .. and MOVE ON.. ( as the great Jimmy Buffett says)

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Scale Junkie said...

THANK YOU! I'm so over all of the petty BS. Like them or not, he is OUR PRESIDENT and we are AMERICANS.

And I thought Michelle looked stunning!