Friday, January 9, 2009


First when I redid my blog I did it with the intention of not only discussing issues regarding health , weight loss and general well being.. I did it because I wanted to feel comfortable discussing things I do not toss out on the web.. so today I titled this post thoughts because.. well I am going to share them.. and I hope to encourage everyone to think a little deeper about things in our world.. rather than taking bits and pieces from what you might hear..

I can not help but be greatly bothered by the events taking place in Israel. Having gone there, having spoken with people who have battled for this land.. who have bled for this land who have lost loved ones for this land.. I could not imagine what it would be like living in a part of the world where all my neighbors hate me including those who live with in the same border that I do .. I could not imagine what it is like worrying is this the day that a rocket will destroy everything dear to me..but I can have empathy.. especially after visiting this wonderful slice of the world..
As simple as I can say this:
The news exploits very graphically the loses sustained by those that live in Gaza.. The news quietly mentions what Israel has sustained for over 8 years.. day after day ,night after night, hour after hour.. rocket after rocket aimed at killing civillians.. thats the fact.. Has Israel gone overboard..? absolutely NOT... I do not call the loss of life colateral damage.. I call it calculated and planned by Hamas, they put rocket launchers where they supposely worship, they put them in schools.. they put them in crowded neighborhoods.. they destroyed the infrastructure that Israel had in Gaza when Israel gave them that land .. they weave into the general public to make sure that if any retaliation happens that there will be loss of life for the civilians.. they do not care about those people.. those people are no more to Hamas than bricks to a building.. and as far as that population goes.. well they chose Hamas believing that they would help them.. HA.. when all they have done is kill them.. ..this is what they chose Hamas.. so seeing their injuries, seeing their suffering while making me sad.. I have remind myself.. these people put themselves in that situation another bad choice. one thing these people.. who no one is willing to absorb into their country.. ( JORDAN KILLED SOME of THEM AND REFUSED TO TAKE THEM IN) these people are good at making very bad choices as to who they choose to run their government.. Nothing like choosing terrorists and hate .. Hamas and surrounding countries have only one goal.. and that is to destroy Israel.. thats it.. and whatever the cost of life on their part.. so be it.. they do not care to protect anyone but themselves. On the other side you have Israel fighting as usual to survive.. and with much warning, they did the only thing they could do .. try to stop these attacks.. On a more personal note.. One of Steve's cousin's is now participating in the ground incursion. he is the same young man I wrote about in April who had lost a good friend in Lebanon.. he is the same young man who fought there as well.. and suffered injuries .. He is the same young man who bravely fights for his people..
I think it is wrong for the world to stand in judgement.. and I think it is sad state of affairs when you hear about all the antisemitism pouring out around the world..all for hate.. all for nothing.. but hate.. . It really makes me shudder to think that these groups in Florida can support Hamas, and scream death to the Jews .. you should all die in ovens.. and they call themselves a peace loving group.. This saturday a group here in Birmingham will be having a "peaceful demonstration" they call themselves the peace project yet when Israel is attacked they never say a word.. Peace project .. another Hate project cloaked if you ask me.. and yes I am going to probably go down to the park and see what these "peace lovers" are promoting.. something tells me me it will not be peace..
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Bethany said...


I have been saying much the same during this situation. I've been trying to figure out how to write this without it coming off wrong.

As a born again Christian I believe the Jews are G-d's chosen people. I also believe the New Testament of the Christian bible. The Bible talks of wars involving Israel increasing, of more anti-semitism of the world turning against Israel. I think, unfortunately, that this is just the beginning (rather, escalation of what has been going on for centuries) of more terrible things to come.

I'm not trying to evangelize you (well, maybe a little ;) )but you might want to take a look at the prophecies in the New Testament.

I will be praying for Steve's cousin and all of Israel.


buddha_girl said...

Check your email - I have a long missive on this one.

Lora said...

I heard a Christian radio show the other day sympathizing with Israel and I think a lot of people are on that band wagon. War is always unfortunate, but I think Israel is doing what it has to do.

Like Bethany, I believe this is a fulfilment of biblical prophecy.