Saturday, January 3, 2009

LISTS for 2009


The world with all its twists and turns is basically good.. I need to remember that..

I love gazing up at the winter sky before sunset and watching a flock of geese pass by.. in a perfect V..

I love the first flicker of star light in a winter clear sky..

The sound of my husband's laughter makes me smile..

A perfectly cooked dinner after a hard day at work ...

A hot shower first thing in the morning and pulling a warm towel off the heated towel rack..

A look from my pups that simply says .. how was your day mom .. wannna play frisbee?

A really good movie

Fresh flannel sheets and a cozy new blanket

Finishing up my blankets I am making for Hannah and Ari.

Trying to develop a new hobby that does not involve food..


I wish I knew how to knit

I wish I was more talented

I wish I was a better cook

I wish I weighed 132

I wish I could paint fabulously

I was a I knew how to decorate wonderfully

I wish I was an artist instead of an artist wanna be

I wish I could play Piano

I wish I sang better

I wish I had better math skills

I wish I had a child

I wish I had a really cool sports car

I wish my parents were still alive

I wish I was independently wealthy

I wish I could travel and not work

I wish I could spend more time with my husband

I have limitless wishes it seems.


New years eve dinner that was suppose to be delicous.. sucked.. too salty .. and this was my favorite Italian place. NO MORE YUCK~~

If you must drive on the road when I go to work please go the damn speed limit, I know you think you are safe driver but the reality is you suck, and driving 35 miles an hour in a 50 mile an hour zone is not going to win you any stars... all it does is aggrevate the driver behind you and he has to pick a safe place to pass you .. and don't think you are being cute when you suddenly decide to speed up when said driver is passing you.. you sir are an asshat from hell..

Refering to above .. also if you are in front of me during the whole 13 mile ride to the highway.. for God sakes get out of my fucking way once you make your turn .. it is not cute when you decide to switch into the lane sans indicator that I am in to pass your asshat self... that is called cutting me off and it makes me angry so please feel no insult when I gun my engine and ROAR past your annoying little car.. sheesh~!! if my horn did not sound like a duck quacking I would lay on that piece of rubber and honk your ass back to your mommas womb!

It is not funny mr or ms fireworks setteroffer when you set your fireworks off between 12 and 1 pm NON STOP on new years EVE.. granted I know you want to celebrate but you could have done it earlier in the evening not to mention the fact that you drove my poor doggie nuts.. she was shivering horribly all because you like to set off explosive shit.. Now I like fireworks but not in my front yard for over an hour after Midnight.. and then you decide to do a replay the next evening.. (granted it was earlier) but PLEASE think of your neighbors you idiot!

Mr shopper person in line with me .. back the Hell off.. I do not want you to peer into my wallet nor do I want you to watch me key in my pin number when I make a purchase.. back into your own universe mr nosey NED!

To any patient anywhere going to see any provider.. know your INSURANCE.. we at the front desk (especially those of us in a very small office .. i.e. 1 doctor 1 office person) Please realize that though I may seem wonderful and perfect.. I work with a zillion different insurance companies ( okay maybe not a zillion but you get the picture) and there is no way in hell that I can know who your insurance carrier is or what discount plan you might have.. or what vision insurance you might have so staring blankly at me because I did not know who your insurance carrier is , is totally a waste of time especially if I was suppose to pull an insurance authorization prior to your visit.. SO being angry at me is.. pointless. Expect to pay out of pocket if you do not know your info.. this applies to everyone with insurance know your business prior to your doctor's office visit.. it really saves a world of aggravation..


Bethany said...

I'm sorry, I got stuck dreaming at heated towel rack. Oooo I would love a heated towel rack.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I think we all have limitless wishes!

Sorry your parents are no longer with you!

Happy New Year!

Ann(ie) said...

DITTO on your entire list of annoyances, girl...especially the know your insurance one and the git the hell outta my way if you wanna channel your grandma when you drive!!!!!!

Happy New Year my friend!!
I hope 2009 blesses you greatly!