Thursday, January 22, 2009

Right Now

Sometimes I wish I had total free range here.. but I don't ..
Right now in my heart part of me has fear... (EMAIL ME AND I CAN EXPLAIN PRIVATELY)
Right now.. part of me has trust..
Right now part of me worries did I make the wrong decision..
Right now knows that soon things for my physical self will be changing..
Right now.. I want some chocolate..
Right now. I Know that chocolate won't make this feeling go away..
Right Now .. I still want Chocolate..
Right now.. I had a handful of Chocolate mini bites chex cereal to curb the chocolate craving..
Right now.. I am worried about my broken tooth and is the packing still in it..
Right now I know on Tuesday I am getting the tooth restored..
Right now I worry about Mom's house selling..
Right now I worry did I do the right thing by lowering the price.
Right now I feel weighted down between dealing with Mom's house and life in general..
Renting is not an option .. Selling is a must but not a desperate must.. the house is payed for and
Right now I know that..
Right now I wish my sisters understood that I am doing the best I can sell the house and I have a super agent..
Right now..I am planning what to put on moms Foot stone.. going to do that in February..
Right now I am looking forward to Saturday.. nails, facial.. and maybe a hair trim if I do not chicken out which I probably will ..
Right now I am wishing I had made a different choice
Right now I know I have to be satisfied with my decision
Right now I know it will create less tension
Right now I dont give a damn about the tension..
Right now my heart is 75% worried about the others .. not the one..
Right now I am thinking about the fun we had perusing 1 of our new cook books picking out recipes to make together..
Right now .. I am tired of worrying..
Right now.. while in the worry I am thankful too..
Right now.. is simply Right now...


Bethany said...

Oh Honi this doesn't sound very good. If you need to talk I am here.

Scale Junkie said...

Oh Honi, whatever this is, we'll get through it. I'm here for you, just email if you need me.

Lyn said...

{{{{hugs}}}} I am so sorry for whatever is causing you pain. You can email me anytime, I am always here to listen. You're such a sweet person and have always been so supportive. I'd help you any way I can. More {{{hugs}}}

Ann(ie) said... me if you need to vent. i'm here. Worried about you. xo.

Doc Manette said...

I hope you know "this too shall pass".

I completely understand wishing you could vent on your blog - that is why I started over and didn't tell my family about the new blog.

Hang in there.