Monday, January 5, 2009


I am so glad Monday is over.. yay.. hopefully Tuesday won't be an extension of Monday... hence why I need my weekends badly... I spent over 40 minutes working with a man on the phone to figure out his insurance.. I pretty much knew what it was.. but he had no idea what I was talking about.. so he had the insurance company call me and lo and behold I was right and after all that work the farthead never called me back to make his frigging appointment after all that work I went through.. It was a total hellday today.. nonstop.. from one thing to the other and on top of that rain rain and more rain and then even more rain.. I drove home slowly.. in sideways rain on two lane highway.. on coming traffic was blinding me.. when there was no traffic I could go better than 40 miles an hour but with oncoming traffic I had to slow down.. at least the mile long line behind me.. ( YES I WAS THE ASSHAT DRIVER TONIGHT) seemed to be dealing with similiar issues.. er.. uhmm.. perhaps they just thought it might be better to stay away from the silver matrix weaving and bobbing her way down the road.. sigh..... Had some toast and Matzah ball soup for dinner.. and am all wrapped up in my snuggly robe ... taping away at the keyboard... I want to share with you recent purchases... some I have received already and some not.. ohh here are the blankets I made for 2 of my nieces so far.. I am going to come up with a better hobby.. I liked doing this but .. I want to do something else.. less bulky.. more portable.. I need a portable hobby.. and I am just not ready to do the knitting thing yet.. not sure about the counting aspect of knitting I am not good with that kinda stuff..

here are the two books I bought..
I have started the picture perfect book and am waiting to recieve the volumetrics book...
also I am getting 3 of Eatingwell Cookbooks and diet information Tools.. and common sense.. never hurt... and I need all the tools I can find...

Until next time

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buddha_girl said...

I crochet and LOVE it. As long as you pick smaller projects, you're ok. Me? I always end up making BLANKETS, so they up being NOT portable at some point.

My best advice for portability? Cross-stitch! I do it - not well, but I do it. You can start small, like me, by getting the preprinted projects so you're not having to count and recount while working on a project.

The books look like keepers! And I LOVE the blankets you made! Way to go! Lorna made one for Buddha over the holidays, and he loves it!