Thursday, January 29, 2009


Day two is going well also .. I had lunch from Food Studio B.. I had fresh fruit and fresh chicken salad with dried crannberries, dices apples and honey pecan bits.. and italian parsley.. the dressing was a yogurt based dressing and it was delightful.. I enjoyed my lunch very much .. I plan on starting Monday getting my lunches from them. The nice thing is he sat with me and we discussed my likes and dislikes and what my goals are .. When I want him too he will make extra meals.. dinners or breakfasts.. whatever I want.. its all portion controlled and yummy .. well yummy so far.. My lunch today totaled to 325 calories and I was full most of the day .. I snacked on an apple and 4 clemetines today and a Yoplait light and creamy yogurt .. tonight I am going to try and make a light version of eggplant parm .. using the sauce I made on Monday night with fresh roma tomatos and fresh basil .. uhmm yumm.. hopefully it will be nice and tasty too.. I love eggplant and just need to learn how to do lots with it.. Ohhh also the guy at Food Studio will make me snacks as well.. humas and fresh veggies, or a trial mix .. all portion and calorie controlled.. He also reccomends places to eat that are "safe" and have optimal good choices.. I really like this guy.. he showed me that some of the people he deals with are eating to get fit and have certain diets they are on for training purposes.. He talked about the 1200 calorie program he has for his wife.. and how she is enjoying the healthier way of eating.. too.. we talked about his son and the trials of dealing with a little one who is exposed to many unhealthy choices out there.. and what he does to encourage him to make smart choices. but get to eat some of the childhood goodies too.. This morning was very enlightening and fun.. a great experience and i look forward to working with him as I try and shed this outter body that has been causing my inner body so much harm.. We also talked about food as fuel... garbage in .. garbage out.... looking forward to this all.. will take pictures as I make dinner tonight Hope it will be good ..
Until Next time..

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up.. here are some great recipes :



Scale Junkie said...

That sounds like a great place to get your lunches from! The salad sounds like salads I make so I know I'd like it.

You're doing a great job of jumping back on track, I know you'll do great because you're changing your lifestyle.

Critter said...

I am going to have to check this place out Honi. It isn't far from my office

Lyn said...

Aren't clementines the BEST thing ever??

Have a fun weekend :)

JC said...

The description of your food sounds yumo.