Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today is actually my start day..
SO far so good.. although I had to be a quicker thinker this morning.. I tried to find Food Studio B and I forgot that I would be on the opposite side of the highway to get there from where I come from. so I had to cross oncoming traffic to get to where the store is. Lucky for me .. someone stopped and let me cross.. well.. low and behold turns out I was right in front of the damn place but did not see it.. because they do not have a big sign .. its very low key because most of their business is not retail .. ( I would guess that means they do a lot of catering ) so they do not have big sign because of the expense.. they are right next door to DIPPIN Dots.. I was right there and it made me so mad I did not see it.. so I am going to tomorrow morning.. however this time I am thinking if I go up the hill and can do a U turn at a light it might be easier than trying to cross at rush hour and when the traffic is dangerous and heavy.. then all I have to worry about is leaving the place and getting into the correct lane so I can get to where I need to be to get to my office.. I would be going there 2 times a week I think.. the lunches are 8.75 each.. and I would be using them 5 times a week.. truthfully, I Probably spend more on buying crap food each day than what I would spend eating healthy there.. I have thought about them doing all my meals 5 days a week.. thats 25.00 a day.. but I am going to start with a good lunch .. the calorie count is between 300 and 475 and they also as the guy I spoke to said have a TON of salads they can do as well.. so what I want to do is keep my lunch at no more than 350.. that way that gives me roughly 300 calories for breakfast and 300 for dinner.. with some extra to spare.. my goal is 1200 calories no more than 1300 a day.. my long term weight loss goal is around 132 .. my short term is 189.. this morning I weighed and I am 199.00 the lowest I have been in the last 2 years was 180 ... In 2007 I started at 211.50 and I swore I would never see those numbers again.. and that still is my plan.. By the grace of God goes me..
SO here we go baby..
Until next time...

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new*me said...

Hope all is going well on your first day ;)