Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay so thats not actually the facts m'am... I well.. you see.. it .. well.. I .. uhmmm well???? I am .. (scratches head) .. okay so this is what happened.. I went to the donut store.. ( its not like a regular donut store its like a Hell I dont even know the name of it) .. I went to pick up donuts for my boss for her kids.. they had a special ... 2 for one to clear out the shelves before 1 pm.. when they close..and I who never eats donuts.. because they are not a particular favorite of mine.. saw a halo appear over something that I am not to sure what it was but it was pull aparty... and cinnamony... and doughy.. and sweet.. and well.. and there was a light.. you see.. and I and the .. heavens opened up right there and then and I heard a voice say buy it .. you'll like it... and uhm.. well.. who am I .. to say no to a heavenly voice.. and sigh.. well.. I did not eat the whole thing.. can that count??? for something.. HONI WALKS UP LOUDLY and smacks HONI in the head.. you asshat!!!!!! WHAT on earth made you think it it was okay to eat that.. I hope you are having reflux from hell .. not to mention donut gummy mouth right now.. what brain cells fell out of your ears to let you ingest that.. where .. how.. what did you do that for ... You may never do that ever again.. sheeesh.. I know you have not set your start date.. but at least you were getting ready to go somewhere.. all these tools you are buying.. all this preparing.. SNAP OUT OF IT SISTER.. all the preparing in the world is not going to work unless you take action... I know .. you keep hearing January 28th in your head as your start day.. Why must you have a start date that is so ambiguous .. why not now???.. I know !!!I know.. you have a thing about dates.. and stuff.. heck I would not be surprised if you start talking biorythms because of that thing you downloaded on your cell pho.. HEY! don't hit me.. I can tell them.. they are your friends.. they know you are a few french fries short of a Happy Meal... (ehem. sorry for the food anology) .. Look. sweetie.. Honi.. No more donuts.. stick to the plan.. I know you like buying lunch for you and your boss on tuesdays at Fresh Market.. and you can continue doing that .. buy the SUSHI and the other healthy stuff.. stick with things you bring from home.. SKIP THE DONUT STORE>> LOSE THE DIRECTION>>> Donuts.. wont fix anything no matter how tasty.. Donuts rob you.. there is nothing good you can say about a Donut.. ( in a tiny voice... it has eggs in it? )
Now that that is out of the way you may continue with your normal evening... Be careful when you run your errands... and I do think a light dinner might be nice.. FEATHERS comes to mind!.. okay okay a little oatmeal never hurt anyone.. since it will be around 8 pm before you eat dinner.. thats okay.. I know its freezzzing out.. okay.. have your oatmeal.. and BEHAVE!!!
Until Next time..


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the dates. It is like I have Jan 12th in my head and not matter how hard I tried I could not get back on track until that day. I am on my 3rd day of being back on plan so maybe my magic date worked for me.

buddha_girl said...

I don't do dates or days. I just do the best I can each day.

Don't beat yourself up with the donut remnants. You didn't eat the whole thing, sister. Everythingin moderation unless it's something that makes you physically ill - for me, that means no alcohol. I'll puke. A lot. I don't like that. *gak*

You're doing fine. I had whole wheat toast with cottage cheese, golden raisins, and a sprinkle of pecans for dinner last night. Simple.