Tuesday, August 12, 2008


SOOO there is actually a Cookie Blog and it does not involve my precious Cookie.. hmmphff..
SLIM CHANCE AWARDS to think of all the folks that bought into this nonsense.. .. when will folks go to the dollar store and buy a clue if they do not have one yet..
Weight loss is progressive.. eating healthy is progressive.. everything takes time.. learning how to live a healthier lifestyle is progressive.. it takes time. Long term weight loss in not achieved with out proper nutrition and exercise.. its really a very easy concept... its a shame so many of us are waiting for those.. uhhhmm err.. magic ear staples.. YEAH there really is such a thing .. with very bogus claims..
Picture me.. EYES POPPING OUT OF HEAD.. HAIR STICKING STRAIGHT OUT, BLOOD PRESSURE THROUGH THE ROOF!! .. ENTER with caution.. and a blinder for offensive language...
We all know how irritated I was yesterday what with the Title mess and all.. I am just dreading Thursday .. for sure as the sun rises Mr. Asshat at the SS office is going to say some moronic thing like.. well we can not change your name to first name, maiden name married name because you do not have a legal document with that name.. FUCK You Mr FUCKTARD ( that was totally for Amy) if I had something with the correct name on it my life would not be this hellish hell that you created for me in the first place by telling me to drop my maiden name and use my middle name .. AAARRRRGHHHH.. so there I will be in front of you in 2 days and I can just smell that you are going to say something like that to me... WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ? CREATE SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST all because you had to screw me over in November or December or whenever the hell I had the new card made.. and I better damn well get that card before November ends because I have to get my DL renewed with the RIGHT NAME ON IT .. the one on my SS CARD >> HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO .. They won't put the right format on the DL until you put the right format on the SS card but it does not end there then I have to get my Passport redone aFUCKINGgain.. all because of this original stupid mistake all ids need to match.. that coming from the officials at the AL. DMV.. so I am going to make all ids match.. .. okay.. blood pressure is going down.. eyes are popping back in head.. hair is curling back up ..walking away..
Wish me well
Wish you well too... sigh...

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JC said...

OH My goodness, I know you don't mean to make me laugh so hard but you do. I've already been there with the ID thing so I feel your frustration. And I tried those ear things. They worked for about two days. Yes, at one time I would try anything. Now its the eat less move more plans.

I do wish you well.