Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On the forefront of my life.. I am starting to feel good about going to St. Vincents One Nineteen Health and Wellness and taking the Healthy Weight For EveryBody program again. If you click on the links listed peruse around the site a bit its a great facility.
I am also thinking so many things... regarding my mom.
We got the OR report.. and its very sparse and just not complete.. I feel they were caught by surprise and were not prepared for how serious mom's surgery was. I think this caught the doctor by surprise.. These guys they do about 5 or 6 of these surgeries a day.. and the one question that haunts me is why were they not better prepared.. mom was a second replacement.. this was her second time.. should they not have thought ahead about the possibility of complications like she had.
At the end of the report.. the surgeon put he was the only one doing the procedure.... I think he was just covering his assets .. if you will.. I mean .. I would think that other doctors were there.. I just wonder if someone screwed up.. well obviously they did.. because they had no clue.. and did no tests prior to her surgery that would indeed prepare them for any of these types of complications.. I have lost a great deal of faith in this hospital and could never in good thought recommend this surgeon I do not care how many articles there are on him.. or how great he is suppose to be.. He left a family ill prepared for the outcome of this surgery .. he should have never said there was a better than 85% chance of full recovery.. He should have gone in more depth about possible complications that can arise with a second replacement.. maybe I am wrong to feel this way .. I don't know.. SO you ask me are we going to pursue this.. and the answer is.... I don't know.. but it sits heavy in my heart.. I want answers.. the right answers.. nothing will bring back my mother.. but if someone screwed up.. or if they were ill prepared for this.. I want to know.. but I doubt if we ever will know.. doctors protect doctors.. but I can tell you this.. my mom wanted to live.. sure she missed my father horribly .. but thinking that she is happy now because she is with dad.. well I find no comfort there now.. its just a bunch of knotted up words to me that means nothing until I know more.. so that is were I am with that.. and thats why I have been sort of quiet around here.. I have been peeping in on everyones blogs.. .. though.. its usually how I find my smiles through out the day.. and I thank you guys for your sweet emails and comments.. it really means so much to me..
well thats it for a tuesday..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Felicia said...

*BIG HUGS* I hope you find the answers you are looking for!!

Have a great week!

Ann(ie) said...

To be honest? I think I'd pursue it. Maybe to bring some justice and closure to you? I know it's a hard call, but I'm with you....too many red flags out there and that statment also indicates to me he was covering his ass. :( xo. Hang in there, love.

new*me said...

Hang in there ;) Some days are so rough. Sending prayers and thoughts your way ;)

Big Pissy said...

I have to go along with ann(ie) on this one.

At least speak to an attorney.


Susie said...

i am sorry. what an awful situation.
I hope you get some clarity with this situation. Feel good. I am thinking of you.