Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I tried the Fiber one toaster pastries (found them at walmart) ( can not even find them on the fiber one website otherwise I would have linked it) .. yes the cinnamon one is tasty.. but its the same caloric value as one Poptart only with fiber.. so this is a NO! for me but a better choice for your kids for a quick start for breakfast than just a regular Poptart..
I tried Golden Flake baked potato crisps.. for 110 calories a serving .. this one and the ruffles baked chips for 120 calories are nice compliments for a sandwich or a snack.. thats ONE SERVING FOLKS.. not the bag.. this is a YES!
Watermelon can still rock your world.. you can still find some good ones.. eat it.. its good for you!!!
Wheat thins came out with a new fiber rich cracker in veggie or multi grain flavor.. i think 5 grams fiber in a serving.. GOOD CRACKER.. check it out.. can not find it on Nabiscos website..
We have also been expermenting with various cheeses.. like gouda goat cheese , parano and a few others.. 1 oz is around 110 calories .. and sliced in small chunks with grapes or apple slices and a few of those yummy new Wheat thins.. makes a great snack.
We also became a fan of Luigis Italian ices.. most of them are under 80 calories a serving.. and yummy..
ahhh and here is a total gadget thought.. I am waiting for the brand new phones coming out by Tmobile before I get my ugrade.. they are called android phones and are comparable to IPHONES.. .. gonna be there checking those things out you can bet..yeah me likes my gadgets and am looking forward to this new phone.. or at the very least one of the newer models being put out there this fall by Tmobile android or not.. but boy this sounds neat.. from what I gather Tmobile is working on this phone that will run google apps.. everything from gps to all other types of applications.. not really sure what .. as I have been trying to deciepher it all as I read.. here is another link HTC DREAM .. well as I said I like those gadgets..
Wish me well
wish you well too for a Wednesday!


Chubby Chick said...

Thanks for the tasty reviews! :)

Scale Junkie said...

I love cheese! Gruyere is one of my favs of the moment.

new*me said...

wow.....thanks for passing on the info. I have been looking for a high fiber cracker..if I'm going to have cheese and crackers, I want it to be good for me ;) Hubby loves those Italian ices.

buddha_girl said...

Love the reviews. Love crackers, cheese, and fruit.

Even though watermelon is outrageously expensive this year, I keep it in the house all the time. SEEDLESS. ALWAYS. I hate the seeds.