Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I were King of the Forest, Not queen, not duke, not prince

HMMM do you think the cowardly lion was gay?
Sooo if I really were king of the forrest.. I would make everything free and you would not need a Social security card.. or any of that bullshit.
So last night I get the little blue card in the mail that says my pap smear is fine.. only there was a note at the bottom saying i was in menapause.. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO the doctor said the tests said i was not in menapause.. so after much jerking around the nurse calls and apologizes it was a misprint.. A MISPRINT.. granted I know menapause is not the end of the world.. but hey.. what if this was cancer or something.. OOOPS IT WAS A MISPRINT DOES NOT WORK... in my world.. that really chaffed me.. to say the least.. and if u are in menapause dont they give you a pamphlet or something.. u know .. welcome to the wonderful world of menapause or something.. sheeshhhh.. for me in a way its a big deal the transistion time .. i will have to go off my current pills and be put on a new hormone .. so its a bit of an issue for me.. HOWEVER for now I am fine.. nothing changes.. sigh...
Today ~I went to the SS office.. naturally it can not go perfectly smooth.. the first line I went too.. she gets my info and her pc locks up.. so I have to go to another window.. we finally get it going there.. they think its nuts that my middle name has to be changed and they think the DMV person was wrong to tell me that.. but we do it anyway to just fix now my card will read.. first name, maiden name.. married name sigh.. next i change my passport and then i am done I pray to heavens to betsy .. i probably need to change my BCBS card too.. this makes me CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZY.. anyhow..
SO I go get gas in my car and the pump never stops.. GAS comes spewing out the gas tank.. I narrowly miss getting dowsed with gas.. it was everywhere all over my car.. all over the tire.. etc.. i was scared to start the car.. the lady at the gas place cleaned my car off.. I was more worried about all the gas on the ground but she was not concerned.. that was really nice of her to wipe my car down .. it was a mess I would say i bought about 10.00 EXTRA if not more of gas for that adventure.. stupid pump.. I can still smell that gas smell on me too.. .. COULD I PLEASE HAVE SOME EASY!!!!!!!! nothing seems easy or goes smoothly .. I need some smoothly or easy PLLLLLLLLLLLEAAAAAAAASEEEEE!!!!
Okay moving on...
I talk a lot about Prevention magazine .. my daddy turned me on to it years ago.. its not just for old folks.. its for everyone and they really try and sell that now... you might want to do this.. think I am... Prevention Online user panel
Well that wraps it up for a Thursday..
Wish me well wish you well too
Honi's prayer for today~ Dear God, please give me some easy....


Anonymous said...


I laughed and laughed and laughed.

You do have a point about the importance of test results being reported accurately.

Your pregnant
Your HIV Positive
Your a man

Amy said...

A misprint?

How about that doctor getting a letter from a prominent national attorney letting him/her know that there is a class action suit currently on file naming the doctor?

After the doctor shits a solid gold brick, you can follow the fake letter up with a, "OOOpppps! Misprint!"

What the fuck?

Susie said...

LOL--at least you always have a sense of humor! Let me know where to get the easy,if you find some. I hope you had a great weekend away. Thanks again for the bday greetings!