Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TUESDAY and you thought Thursday was Rant day... moron says he is too fat to be executed with a lethal injection... two options here folks.. kill him the way he killed those 2 women.. though I doubt seriously anyone would want that grotesque task.. or SHOOT THE BASTARD as many times as it takes... hell I will shoot the bastard... why is this in the news.. why does he get to be heard... ? shesh..
Not much going on today .. fairly quiet which is good..
so keeping it on the short side..
Wish me well
wish you well too


Scale Junkie said...

Gee, you could just starve him until he's skinny enough to die. What about cement boots and dump in the ocean? Nah, wouldn't want to pollute the ocean with garbage like that. ZERO pity/sympathy for these killers.

Laura said...

The media never ceases to amaze me as to what they decide to print and report on. Sometimes I feel as though the media is just as pothetic as this guy.

Hope you have been doing well as I have not blogged in a little bit.

Twix said...

Sheesh the guy wants us to treat him humane....hah. I like the cement and ocean idea. Sad that he's been given a voice to be heard all over and those women didn't get one. :(

JC said...

OH HONI, Thanks for making me laugh I knew I needed to visit you during my work day. I've laughed so hard I'm crying. Thank God, I'm alone in the office today!!! I love the idea of starving him until he is skinny enough to kill.LOL Like your other commentors I can't believe the story got play time but then again we do live in the USA, gotta love it.