Thursday, August 21, 2008


TWO events happen with in the next few days.. Last night.. we addressed the thank you cards for all the contributions and food trays from mom's funeral. We had around 200 cards to address .. So many people remembered Mom.... ... On Sunday I meet with the agent who is going to sell Mom and Dad's house. She is a family friend so that makes it easier.. but well still difficult at best.. Next weekend my sisters come in to do the great divide.. It is a neccessary yet sad task too. I ache for the day these tasks are over.. who ever said it takes 9 months to come into the world and about 9 months to leave it was not joking.. we are in for the long haul and just hoping that the house sells with ease.. Luckily it is located in a in demand area so that is good I guess.. There is a certain blah that has settled over me and I really do not like it and hope that overtime it desolves.. It is hard to find things to smile about.. or really show much interest in anything.. I am chugging along.. though. bit by bit..
Otherwise its a Thursday
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


JC said...

What you are feeling will lift with time. I promise. I'm wishing you well.

Ann(ie) said...

Those are such tedious and emotional chores, love. One day at a time. My family thought a stack of post it notes was appropriate when they were wrapping up my grandparents house. It was all very no nonsense with my uncle and mother at the helm stating over and over 'NOW don't be shy. Stick you name on it if you want it. Any questions?' hehe. All business. But, the martini's were flowing in honor of the beautiful people we had just lost.
Wishing you well my friend.

Twix said...

(((hugs))) just keeping chugging forward, i know what you are going through is difficult, I want you to know I care and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Susie said...

oh honi, i am so sorry you have all of this emotional stuff to deal with..I hope that it gets a little easier with time..or hurts less. I hope you have some good feelings and memories when you do some of these tasks..and have some good bonding time with your sisters. There is nothing easy about all of this and you have shown much strength through it. I do wish you well. (hugs) your hubby will be there with support..he seems wonderful and a great source of comfort and help.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry :( I can't even imagine what this must be like for you.