Saturday, August 23, 2008


So today I cancelled my weight watchers online subscription.. in an effort to be honest with myself... I have not followed the program nor logged anything since before my mom's death..I gave up... I quit.. so whats the point in paying WW 16..95 a month if I am not using the program... it sucks to be honest but .. I have to be... WW is a FABULOUS PROGRAM.. if you work the program.... so it is time to find something else before the weight piles back on.. which is something I DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN ever again. So the first step.. Honesty was accomplished today... now I have to find a plan... Steve and I went to the gym this morning.. we swam and got in the jacuzzi and then showered and came home for a breakfast of one egg over easy and a toasted whole wheat bagel.. so that is good. We noticed at the gym that the HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS for EVERYONE is about to start again so I am thinking about joining it.. I lost 30 pounds in 2007 doing it.. so perhaps .. I can do it again.. I have not been on a scale in the last 3 weeks.. I am hoping my weight is not horrible.. I go to the doctor for a physical the first friday in Sept.... so i want to have a plan lined up before then.. I think I am leaning towards the Healthy Weight for Everyone program again.. this is the program..
Well we are off to run some errands..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


JC said...

Honi, This sounds like a great program. I'll look forward to hearing about it. I hope youdo some posts on it. We all have to try different things from time to time. Have a great weekend and I wish you well.

Lyn said...

Hey Honi,

I am sorry you are having a tough time of it. The loss of your mom is still so recent and raw so be gentle with yourself. Big hugs...

You are off to a great start with getting back on track, and I am sure you will feel healthier when you have a plan in place (and swimming is great too). Hang in there.

Grumpy Chair said...

Hope our all is well with you Honi. I think it is wonderful that you and Steve go to the gym together and support each other.

Wishing you well on your new health program.