Thursday, August 7, 2008


drag ...drag... drag.. drag..( DRAGGING SOAP BOX) ploping down soap box and standing on it now...
SO .. here is the deal.. mom is gone.. she wanted us to give her car to my brother in law in GA.. sounds simple.. My BIL called the GA. DMV.. they said all he needed was a letter of testimentory and a death certificate and the original car title.. Last Saturday he comes to pick up paper work and the car.. YESTERDAY my sister calls me and informs me that she has to mail the title back to me.. I have to go the the AL DMV get the title switched to my name as one of the executors of the estate and then I can sign the back and send it back to my BIL.. as if thats all I have to do with my time~~~~.. so I call the AL DMV . they could not believe that the GA DMV would require that the car be put in my name.. first.. HOW STUPID IS THAT and if that was the case in the first place why in the name of really good chocolate did they SIMPLY NOT SAY THAT IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE.. ( see budda girl I used the F word again) shesh SO next week sometime I have to schlep my tush to the Al DMV pray I do not have to stand in a long line and hope I will have brought the necessary papers ( THAT THEY TOLD ME TO BRING) in order to have the damn thing switched to my name.. ..
DUDE IN THE BLOATED BIG WHITE TRUCK DON"T HONK AT ME IF YOU GET IN MY BLIND SPOT you need to watch where u are driving anyhow.. so there.. LOL . okay that one was my fault.. but I did not see that oversized moron anyhow..
and people do not need to be driving those stupid things anyhow.. GET A more economical vehicle maybe I would have seen you then.. ( yeah now there is an ass backwards excuse if there ever was one) ..
Dude in the red car... riding up my ass will not make me drive faster.. in fact it just might make me go slower.. Asshat..
TO all the twits who do the marketing for any diet product.. BE REAL BE CONSISTENT and quit your lieing ways... NO ONE WILL LOSE WEIGHT IN TWO MINUTES.. NO one will lose real weight drinking your tea.. and quit pushing your pills while you are at it...
ASSHAT AT THE DMV IN GA.. please take some happy pills and DO NOT EVER HANG UP IN MY FACE AGAIN you little gnat... goodbye is the way you end a professional conversation.... Your attitude needs a serious adjustment and if you bring it over here .. I'd like to smack it off your sassy face. hmmpf..I spent my buck calling you long distance so I could make sure my BIL and sister had the correct paperwork to satisfy your too big for your britches self! ( okay I could use a few other choice words.. but I am trying to use manners) "In Ga. we have ways we do things..." (that is what that loser said to me) . PUUUUUULEEEEEZZZE !!! go to the Dollar Tree and buy a FUCKING CLUE!!!.. you do not need to talk to me like I am an idiot.. and being polite might have been nice.. and I was listening to you.. as u said I was not several times... I just did not think what you were saying made sense so I questioned you.. a better response to me might have been .. let me get my supervisor on the phone and see if he/she might be able to explain it in more detail.. HANGING UP ON Me.. yeah. Really makes you boss HOG!
stepping down.. sighing.. drag drag drag drag ( dragging soap box away) going back to paper work hell...
Wish me well
Wish you well too
On Saturday I am going here .. via motorcycle.. shsshsh don't tell anyone.. and I am gonna get me a bite or two of some peach cobbler and some rotiseree chicken.. not necessarily in that order.. and get some yummy peaches and other produce.. YUMMY.. but shsshsh its a secret...

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buddha_girl said...

She said FUCK again!!!

Give 'em hell, Honi! I feel like you're channeling ME while dealing with all of this jackassery from people who should just HELP you through the maze otherwise known as edaling with death of a loved one. Fucktards.