Saturday, August 2, 2008


There is pain and then there is PAIN.. how did I come to this conclusion.. my Cookie decided to jump in bed with us this morning... as usual only she jumped on my right leg.. and let me tell you.. she landed right on the calf .. it hurt.. and she knew it hurt.. I felt bad because my doggie felt bad lol.. but damn that hurt.. its better now... Yesterday I had a mammagram.. though whole facility has changed.. at Kirklin over the last year.. they now have a breast health clinic.. they also have redone the dressing rooms so you go from dressing room to mammagram area and dont have to sit outside your dressing room with other ladies in hospital gowns... now u go in a nice dressing room.. they have good music piped in.. you lock the door you came in.. get naked from the waist up.. put your gown on.. then the tech comes at gets you.. I had two techs.. they were hysterical.. which was really nice and helped make this not so fun experience better.. there was the boob organizer and the picture taker.. they use a nice digital machine which is less painful than the old way.. and for those of us that have extra boobage.. they have extender paddles which means they take a bigger image... which means 4 shmooshes on each boob as opposed to 8-12 the old way.. so it is much faster and since its digital no waiting to see if they are going to have to take extra pictures.. now they call you if they need to do more.. so hopefully I will be in the clear... I also found out I am not in menapause.. just peremenapause as I should be. Had some problems when she did the PAP (sort of scarey) if you want to know email me.. because I want to know if anyone had this happen before..
Which brings me to the next topic I got a new GYN.. she was adorable.. she looked like she was 12.. but she knew her stuff... I liked her because she was thorough and told you everything as she did it... VERY approachable and sweet.. but not interested in the whole body approach only interested in her areas.. so telling her about the Costocondritis.. was not important to her.. which I guess is fine since my primary handles that.. in fact I went down to my primary and he saw me for a few minutes.. this new dr. gave me a new cream for the heat rash issues I have been having .. and I was a little concerned about it.. but my primary said it was fine and that if that did not help he would give me something better.. the GYN was worried about that the skin was breaking down and become weak because the rash was penatrating the the first layer of skin.. I get heat rash all over.. arms.. boobs.. back.. legs.. so in the summer its not really good for me to sweat a lot.. hence why I am going to go swimming today.. hmm I wonder if thats going to sting.. well anyhow.. I am in good shape.. I like the new doctor... I just dont like that I am old enough to be her mother .. LOL..
My brother in law comes today to pick up moms car... so I am going to be working in the house some this morning after I swim... going to be emptying file cabinets.. its hard to do stuff but its the right thing to do.. the good news is .. is that at the end of August everyone is coming in town to help empty all the cabinets and drawers... divide up whats trash, whats to be donated and who takes what .. that has not already been taken... then they will come back again to get the bigger stuff.... so thats my weekend...
Wish me well
Wish well too..

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Princess Dieter said...

I hope everything is all right with the GYN issues. I need to get mye xam (I'm WAY overdue), but I have this gyn-phobia. It's really hard for me. And previous PAPs have been painful. Sigh.

I get heat rashes, too, as does my sis (hers is worse, due to Lupus). I hate when they get hyperpigmented.

I want to try one of those digital mammos. I had one regular style last year with a really good tech and it didn't hurt. FIRST time it didn't hurt. I skipped about 4 yaers of mammos afater two in a row that were so painful, tears dripped right outta my eyes from the smarting. And I'm not given to weeping, either. It just hurt so bad, they splooshed right out. I had bruising after, too.

I'm looking forward to the era of painless female exams. :)

Feel better--in all places.

The P.