Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This past weekend we attended my cousin's bar mitzvah celebration....Bless my cousins heart .. does she know how to throw a party or what.. of course this is her business so we should not have expected less.. The Bar Mitzvah was for her oldest son.. and she really went all out for this event... it was so lovely..and in 3 years we are doing it all again.. lol for her youngest son... anyhow..We arrive at the hotel to be greeted by a box filled with all sorts of gourmet cookies, and goodies.. and fuji water.. this was our hospitality box, it had a beautifully done itineary of the weekend as well as directions too.. we go up to our room.. freshen up a bit and go up to the hospitality room. Her parents hosted this area.. and let me tell you it did not lack for any food what so ever.. from cakes, to shneckin, to mandel bread.. to cakes.. to chips to dips.. to sandwiches , alcohol, sodas.. and assorted sweets.. it was a haven for the hungry ... then we went back to our room.. and rested a bit and onwards to Shabbat dinner ( sabbath dinner) at the hotel too.. IT was a nice dinner.. we walked in and were presented with Mint Julips.. that was interesting considering I dont drink.. it was tasty but then i opted for my usual diet coke...I was doing great.. when I walked in the room.. and the wonderful well intentioned family and friends came up to me to offer condolences regarding my mom.. that was hard.. and it was hard to look at the table where my parents might have been sitting had they been alive.. it was so hard to see all the family there but them missing.. in the laughter.. that was really hard... but thinking about how my dad always enjoyed these gatherings so did my mom.. though after dad was gone it was hard for her.. she still loved seeing everyone... ..and seeing the food and the company it was indeed wonderful... we eventually would end up back in the hospitality room.. and then off to bed ... Saturday morning we went to temple for the Bar Mitzvah and they had another huge spread for lunch.. lox and cream cheese, bagels, sweet noodle kugel.. salad.. desserts and drinks... the service was wonderful followed by that wonderful lunch... we had a great time that afternoon too.. my cousin who is a hair stylist .. flat ironed my hair and it actually looked fantastic... we had a great time Saturday night at the party too.. there was a cocktail hour with a guy playing the steel drums.. and plenty of appetizers and drinks... dinner was.. from my cousin's company... starting with gazpacheo shot glasses then followed by an appetizer of salmon that had a fried green tomato on it topped with a small scoop of spicey potato salad.. the dinner was a combo dinner of a steak and piece of chicken that had a berry glaze presented over lemon risotto .. fresh bread was at each table.. and they had a fantasy dessert bar.. it was amazing.. they had lollipops that were small rice krispy treats dipped in dark chocolate, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, there was serving spoons filled with creme brule' and chocolate mousse cakes and an ice cream bar as well.. it was wild.. they also had a coffee bar where you could add everything from cinnamon to chunks of dark chocolate to your coffee topped off by real whipped cream.. we had coffee but did not partake in the dessert bar.. it was just too rich for us.. but we sure did admire it.. you could stand 2 feet away from the dessert bar and just smell all the sugar and chocolate lol.. I was really saving myself for Sunday because I LOVE JEWISH BRUNCH FOOD... and my cousin did not dissapoint at all.. she had wonderful bagels , with blocks of cream cheese, lox, white fish, scones, fresh fruit.. a station that served scrambled eggs with toppings .. everything from sauteed spinach to fresh onions or tomatos.. there were sauces and cheese grits.. ( I passed on the eggs and cheese grits) but were I did indulge was the real wonderful bagels and cream cheese and.. hold on to your seat.. because this was the highlight of this food extravaganza in my book... they had a station that had white chocolate bread pudding french toast.. you had your choice of berries, warm syrups, chocolate chips.. or whipped cream to top it with.. they served it by the plate or in a martini glass... I opted for the glass figuring it would keep it much more portion controled.. and it did.. I used the warm maple syrup on my portion and it was DEVINE.. I also indulged in a dark chocolate mousse cookie.. hmm that was how i capped off brunch... and then we go back to reality and kept the rest of our day simple food wise.. we did make homemade pizza for dinner when we got back to town though..
My pups were so happy when I picked them up yesterday afternoon from the vet that Bazzie pooped walking up the steps to the house LOL.. it was funny but.. stinky lol..... well regardless it was wonderful to celebrate something happy for a change instead of sad.. very wonderful...
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Anonymous said...

I think I just gained 10lbs reading your post! Sounds so yummy.

JC said...

Honi, I'm dizzy from reading about all the different kinds of food!!! It all sounds wonderful. Glad you enjoyed a happy event. I can tell you from experience the first year without both parents will be hard but you will get through it. I wish you well.

Twix said...


buddha_girl said...

I have a confession to make -

I crave that stuff.

I lived vicariously through the entire description the way only a true food lover and addict could!

I am also proud of you for making it through the first big family celebration so soon after losing your mom. You've been on my mind.

Dee said...

Wow! That sounds beyond incredible, makes me wish I was jewish and a member of your family! ;)

I understand how hard it is to be at events and think about parents that you wish were there. Chin up and take care.