Friday, August 1, 2008


NOT That I am a fan of VP CHENEY, however not 5 minutes ago he passed my office.. he is in town for a fundraiser .. and they blocked off all the roads in the vicinity.. it was something... there was a helicopter, at least 15 motorcycle cops, cops in trucks, cops in unmarked vehicles, army people in white trucks, an ambulance, vans, secret service.. We waved.. no body waved back.. we think we saw Cheney in a Limo but not sure.. the windows were kinda dark.. but I did see the profile of a big bald head.. so maybe that was him.. I dunno kinda reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock...Frankly I liked the motorcycle cops the best.. wish i could have snapped a photo.. it was really some excitement for this area.. usually its lazy and quiet here.. with the hum of traffic moving up and down the road.. and occassionally the obnoxious sound of someone's overplayed bass on their stereo.. Boom Ba da BOOM BOOM.. you know what I mean... I and a patient stood outside watching the activity.. as they sped cheney to the fundraiser.... interesting for a Friday.. well I am about to leave the office and head to the doc.. time for the yearly check up and mamogram.. yuck..
Wish me well
Wish you well too.


Twix said...

Lol! I bet it was interesting with all the cops. To bad they couldn't save some of our tax money by putting a wig on him and throwing him in a dress. There now, no need for all the excess body guards.

Politicians should get paid no more than the rest of us. It's alright if they up and leave when we decrease their salaries. You all can elect me. I'll except minimum wage and be your next president. Wooohoo...the first female president. President Twix!! :D and Honi will by my VP(!!) and umm the rest of you will come along and protect us....say cheese!

buddha_girl said...

I loathe Cheney. He is the sticky, sweaty, muddy gack between my toes after I've been gardening in my rubber clogs for five hours.

Here's to a GREAT mammogram! Hope your Girls weren't too smooshed!

Ann(ie) said...

I find myself sitting here laughing hysterically after reading buddha girl's comment. I'm going to have to go visit that wise wise woman. ;) I wonder if he has all of that extra protection so he doesn't haul off and 'accidentely' shoot someone. hehe. Bad Ann. =P