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I really like this machine and yes you can get a great work out on it too.. It is called the TOTAL body ELPITICAL MACHINE.. for those us that can not do the upright Eliptical this is a great alternative, I love challenging myself on new levels.. I love seeing my heart rate go up... My goal before I leave for my Israel trip is too just build my stamina.. when I come back in April from all the walking and touring and hiking .. I should be really in a position to feel more comfortable with exercising because I will be challenging myself when we are there too.. so all of this is good..
The great thing about this upcoming trip will be the eating believe it or not.. Israel has some of the best produce on the planet... salads galore.. and mediteranian choices that are good for you.. of course there will be the really yummy but not so good for you fair.. Falafel, and blintzes.. but I figure if I share the treats with my husband and eat the fresh fruit and veggies ( Israel is a safe country to eat in , that is what everyone tells me... the only thing I have been warned about is the water, but if I drink bottled water I will be fine... their water is not bad , but if you have a sensistive tummy it can make you sick.. so I plan on sticking to bottled water, .. Food wise here is a list I found :
Israeli Food & Dining Glossary
Alei Dafna:
Bay leaves.
Amba: Spicy mango pickle sauce, typically available at all falafel stands.
Baharat: Spice combination from the Eastern Mediterranean consisting of chili, black pepper, paprika, cloves, cinnamon,nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and coriander.
Baklawa: Sweet pastry made with leafy dough, filled with pistachios, honey and nuts.
Bakar: Beef.
Basar Lavan: Pork.
Basilicum: (also known as Reychan) Basil.
Beitzim: Eggs.
Borscht: A cold beet-based soup that is typically served with sour cream.
Burekas: Pastry of Turkish origin, filled with cheese, potato, meat, spinach or eggplant.
Challah: (also spelled: hallah) Ashkenazic egg bread. Usually made in braided form for the Sabbath, and in circular form for the Jewish new year (so that we remember the circular nature of life.).
Chalav: Milk.
Cholent: A slow-cooked stew of meat, potatoes and beans often made for Shabbat.
Couscous: Moroccan dish of tiny semolina grains.
Cusbara :(also known as Gad) Cilantro.
Dag: Fish.
Etrog: (also spelled: Esrog) Hebrew word for citron, a rare citrus fruit that resembles a lemon, but which has coarser skin. It is used in the festival of Sukkot.
Falafel: Chickpea and vegetable mixture made into balls and fried. Served in pita bread this is most common fast food in the country, which is served with a variety of salads, pickles etc.
Ful: The name for this fava or ‘broad’ bean is pronounced fool. Ful mudammas, (a type of stew) is considered the Egyptian national dish.
Gefilte fish: Literally, "stuffed fish." A mixture of ground fish--typically, pike, carp, and whitefish--that traditionally was stuffed back into a fish skin.
Gvina Levana: White Cheese (soft,spreadable)
Gvina Tzehuba: Yellow Cheese (hard)

Halvah: Sweet made of ground sesame seeds.
Hamantashen: Triangular pastries stuffed with jam, poppy seeds, or honey which are. eaten on Purim (to remind us of the villain Haman in the Purim story).
Harif: Chili-type hot sauce, eaten with falafel. Also refers to anything spicy.
Harira: Moroccan soup.
Harisa: Hot Tunisian chili paste.
Hawayij: Yemenite spice combination made of black pepper, caraway seeds, saffron and cardamom.
Hummus: A spread made of chickpeas, typically eaten as an appetizer with pita bread.
Irit: Chives.
Jachnun: Yemenite pastry.
Kaf: Tablespoon.
Kafe': Coffee.
Kapit: Teaspoon.
Kebab: Minced meat, grilled on a skewer.
Kinuach: Dessert.
Kerach: Ice.
Kreplach: Jewish version of wonton or ravioli. Simple dough stuffed with a mixture of ground meat (usually liver and onions). It is s either as a side dish, or floating in chicken soup.
Kubbeh: Fried Iraqi fritters made from bulgur and semolina, usually filled with meat, onions and pine nuts.
Labaneh: Sour-tasting spread made from yogurt or goat’s milk,(sometimes served as round balls as well). Usually eaten as an appetizer.
Latke: Crispy potato pancake fried in oil. Typically served for Hanukkah.
Lechem: Bread.
Ma'im: Water.
Malawach: Yemenite type of bread.
Mana Acharona: Dessert.
Mana Ikarit: Main Course.
Marak: Soup.
Marvah: Sage.
Mazleg: Fork.
Melach: Salt.
Meltzar: Waiter.
Menta: Spearmint.
Mis’ada: Restaurant.
Mitz Tapuzim: Orange Juice.
Nana: Peppermint.
Petrosilia: Parsley.
Pita: Round pocket bread.
Rosemarine: Rosemary.
Salat: Salad.
Sabich: Fast food dish, eaten in pita bread, consisting of hummus, eggplant, potato, hard-boiled egg, and salad.
Schwarma: Rotisserie grilled meat.
Shamir: Dill.
Shipudiayh: Grill restaurant.
Shumar: Fennel.
Sufganiot: Israeli donuts typically eaten on Hanukkah.
Sukar: Sugar.
Sumac: Cherry red spice used for its sour taste, is often mixed with Za’atar.
Tabbouleh: (also spelled: Tabouli) Cracked wheat salad typically made with parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, and mint.
Tafrit: Menu.
Tahina: (also spelled Tahini) Sesame paste, usually eaten with hummus or falafel, but can be eaten on its own as well.
Timin: (also known as Koranit) Thyme.
Tzalachat: Plate.
Yayin Adom: Red Wine.
Yayin Lavan: White Wine.
Za’atar: Mixture of hyssop, thyme leaves and sesame seeds, used in salads, with Labaneh etc.
Zhug: Hot Yemenite mixture made from fresh parsley, coriander and chili peppers as well as garlic, salt, pepper and cardamom.

Food wanderings in Israel : Ethnic choices you can even find the GOLDEN ARCHES.. which is kind of odd to me because some of them are kosher and only serve meat dishes.. NO DAIRY .. in other words, no milk shakes, no cheese burgers etc... odd but .. hey if you keep Kosher its the way it has to be... I am going to steer clear of those type places sticking with authentic Israeli and Middle Eastern foods... I found it interesting that like America, Israel is a melting pot as far as food goes.. You can find anything ( perhaps not a cheeseburger) there.. I am so looking forward to the fresh fruits and veggies and fresh pita with real humus .. that will be so good.. Our Itinerary has grown .. we will be doing a lot of walking and hiking.. and traversing through this amazing and historical place.. this will not only be an adventure of soul but a culinary adventure as well.. I will be taking tons of pictures you can bet on that.. a little less than a month to go and we will be in the land of Milk and Honey...
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Hanlie said...

Oh,that sounds like a fabulous trip! And the food sound absolutely amazing! You will have to tell us everything!

Scale Junkie said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip Honi, I'm sure you and your group will have a wonderful time. I would say stick to the bottled water and maybe pack a few pepcid or other upset stomach medicine just in case you find you are sensitive to certain foods.

I can't believe how quickly its approaching it seems like just last week you told us you were going.

Get on that bike and ride ride ride so your little legs are prepared for all of that walking!

buddha_girl said...

Do you think I could possibly shrink my ass so you can stuff me into a suitcase? You can tell Steve that I'll be good for a few laughs!

I want several of those things on the list...anything with cheese, fresh fruits galore, latkes (dying of pure jealousy right now!)....yum.

Malox Cherry Supreme is my friend whenever I get an upset tummy. It doesn't have an overly chalky taste and cures what ails ya! Bring some with you just in case!

Katschi said...

Honi, the food, the food! We have a fantastic Mid East restaurant here and I've eaten several of the items on your list. What I love about mid eastern food is that it's very flavourful and spicy but not so hot that you can't taste the food. I love it! Send us the smells...mmmmm.
I've never seen the sit down elliptical...what a beautiful machine. I envy you :)
You'll have so much fun. I'm excited for you!

40 by 40 said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! Did I miss when you are going? WIll you be there soon..for Purim? How fun would that be!!! Can one eat etrog? Who knew? It sure smells nice though. And you are going to have some awesome falafel..yum..want some now. Well, you will be most definitely be walking a whole bunch and worse comes to worse you can always hit McDavids..I mean McDOnalds. I am one of the few people I know who hasn't been, but I have heard it's the most amazing journey. Very exciting!

Lynn said...

MMMM all the food sound yummy :)

You're going to have a wonderful time on you trip and come back in better shape to boot!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, how I'd love to see Israel. Sigh.

I wish you the best of trips--healthy and safe and yummy. :)

That seated elliptical looks great. Wish I had a personal gym at home with one of those. I can't do the upright ones (bad left knee, which hurts like mad on those). Looks better than a stationary bike.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

Great glossary! The only thing that's inaccurate is Hamantashen..they're called "Oznei Haman" in Israel (Haman Ears)