Sunday, February 10, 2008


What happens on a Sunday in Honi's house... preping food wise for the week ahead...
IN pictures:

love laughing cow light cheese with carrots...

darn it forgot to pack my carrots and laughing cow cheese for today... but I made enough for the week and now next monday lol..

Fiber One Carmel Delight cereal is a yummy snack or breakfast...
Dinner for the week... Zucchini Lasagna and baked garlic and herb chicken...

Quick and easy breakfast either at home or work.. very good..

Going to gym tonight , my ankle is still bothering me just going to do what I can it walking on the track or riding the recumbent eliptical machine..

On Sunday Steve and I watched Steve's son David compete in the Mercedes half marathon early in the morning. He is in training for the Iron Man competion in Arizona in April. I think it is amazing to show that spirit and devotion to these competitions. David's wife Lindsey was telling me that some folks do these competitions professionally... but a majority do them for the reason David does them.. for the competion and to challenge themselves.. which I think is outstanding.. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a body that could do that.. to have that devotion to that particular challange.. it is impressive to watch all these runners. it is impressive to watch this challenge.

I also am impressed with the example they are setting for their son Drew... They eat healthy.. every now and then have some treaty stuff ... but basically just eat healthy and showing him that exercise is good for you and can be enjoyed. They do not have forbidden foods which I think is wonderful.. having been a child to grow up in a home that had forbidden foods... I cringe when I hear how some parents monitor their kids.. even their toddlers food intake.. personally from experience.. if you lead by example rather then denial.. you end up with a child that has a healthier relationship with food and does not end up gourging his or herself when they get to indulge in "forbidden food"... there should be NO forbidden foods. When my mother had me .. her doctor had her go on diet pills she gained 12 pounds.. I was 8 pounds 6 ounces of that weight.. My mom was tiny .While I believe those diet pills contributed to my learning issues.. I have to guess that my mother did the best she could do while raising me regarding food.. but I do not believe she did it the right way.. even though she did the best she could.

MIRACLE! DRINKING my 32 oz of Propell water right now.. I bought this little container that looks like one of those water bottle holders you see in offices .. only mine is little but holds 32 oz.. My goal for now is to drink either 32. 0z of plain water or mix Propell mixed berry flavor and drink it all in the morning.. 32 oz is amazing for me and thats my goal for now eventually I will drink 2 of these.. .. working hard to try and drink water~ Did you guys know I tried to go green and recycle a Propell water bottle for weeks at a time .. I would wash it out with warm water and soap.. apparently it did not get dry enough.. I started getting sick M-f Stomach issues.. well Friday I noticed ( THIS IS GROSSS) mold all in the bottle.. DID not drink from bottle and did not get sick on Friday... so Sunday I bought a new real Water bottle.. and I will empty at the end of each day and make sure it is drying out... shesshhh I wondered why I was having stomach issues during the week.. LOL now I know~~~




That's it for Monday...
Wish me well
Wish you well too~~


Scale Junkie said...

I really like the weight control banana bread flavor. Sometimes I put a tablespoon of crushed walnuts in it for extra health benefits and extra yum.

I've been sprinkling Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate flavor into my water, not a whole packet but just enough to make it taste like anything but water. These supposedly have antioxidants, I haven't really read about that part but I just love this sweet but and slightly tart flavor.

National nutrition month? I've been tracking my food in Sparkpeople and they give a great breakdown of calories, carbs, fat and protein that really helps keep me on track. I really like using it.

Would you think I was weird if I told you I made the zucchini latkes for breakfast todsy? It was more like brunch, I just made a small batch but it was what I wanted and they were delish

Michelle said...

Awesome planning for the week! I will be having endless leftover rotisserie chicken from cooking too much for company that didn't come Sunday. But I don't mind...more delish chicken for me and less work cooking dinner all week. :)

Katschi said...

Great idea, Honi, getting everything ready ahead of time for the week. Zucchini lasagna! I've never tried that before. Can you post a pick when you cook it?
I'm loving the pictures!
I bought my first box of the Weight Control. We don't have banana bread here though. That would be awesome.
Wish me well? I wish YOU well!

Lora said...

You certainly are organized preparing things ahead of time! Someday I hope to be like that *sigh*

As far as kids learning by example...You're very right. I tried to set a good example for my girls when they were growing up. (if I indulged it was after they were in bed) of course I was a lot thinner back then too. Now that they're grown - the 2 younger ones eat great - healthy stuff - absolutley no weight problems - but the oldest one is an emotional eater and struggles. Raised them all the same....go figure.

Bev said...

Just found your blog! I also love laughing cow cheese and have 3 different kinds in my fridge right now hehe. ; )