Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I lead a pretty regular life.. most folks at my age have a family with kids at various ages.. I missed out on a lot of that.. Having gotten married at 45 and also not being able to have our children, we decided against at our ages having children. He has 3 adult children so the only one that missed out on being a parent was me. When I was younger I had it planned that if I would get marred I would certainly have a family .. I have always loved kids.. and I taught and took care of kids ranging in ages of newborn up to 18 years old. I taught preschool.. and ran youth programs for many years.. (Kids would say to me.. Miss Honi you must have eyes in back of your head because you always know who I am before I am in front of you ..or you always know what I am doing just as I am about to do something wrong with out even looking at me...). but fate steered me up a different avenue.. which is fine.. I really have no regrets. We have a wonderful life as is.. with 2 wonderful 4 leggers.. who are the kids in our house.. Lest the human variety with 2 legs comes by. Steve has a wonderful little grandson too.. he is a cutie.. So thats all good.. its a good life.. one I am grateful for..
I work 40 hours a week.. and my husband is in the food business.. last night before I was leaving work.. Steve thought to warn me that when I got home and opened the garage/ basement / office etc... that he had been inundated with samples.. So I pull into the garage last night.. and lo and behold.. I am greeted by Cinnamon twists, Mint cakes, Chocolate Cakes, white cakes, Red Velvet Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Coconut Cakes.. Danishs and an assortment of other goodies including beautifully made loaf breads.. I go past the motorcycle and stop at the long table with all the cakes on it.. I look at that inventory.. and just shake my head.. I think of the Rib sandwich, Hamburger sandwich, Cheeseburger sandwich and the biscuit sandwiches in one of the freezers.. So coming off a very stressful day .. coming off work LATE after 7 pm my day started at 3 am .. ( remember the tornado ) the room went into a spin for a second.. then I laughed.. or rather grunted.. and walked upstairs.. to the waiting arms of my sweet husband.. we ran some errands.. we picked up a frozen pizza and layered some mushrooms on it ( it was a cheese pizza 330 calories form 1/16th of it.. I have no idea what that is.. I had my customery 2 pieces and screw the rest.. that was dinner last night and lunch today.. I had my oatmeal this morning.. my pizza for lunch .. it has been hectic as hell here... not sure what dinner will bring.. and I know self.. I know that I need to exercise.. I know what I need to do I can hear your subtle reminders .. trust me on that.. right now I need .. I need a Hug and a nap .. but it looks like I am just going to have to have a carrot for now...
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Felicia said...

OH OH OH finally something I can do. Hugs are my specialty!! *BIG HUGGLES* but the nap your going to have to handle on your own lol. Tomorrow is a whole new day and its alllllllll yours!!


Chubby Chick said...

You are a strong woman to walk past that table full of samples! Good for you!

I hope you get your nap in. :)

Scale Junkie said...

{{{{Huge Hugs}}}}
He needs to drop those cakes off at the kid's houses and not bring them home!

Grumpy Chair said...

You are a very strong woman to walk past all those goodies and not take a taste or two or . . . .

Sending you a great big old grumpy hug!

Hanlie said...

Good for you for resisting! You are great!

Lora said...

Oh my - I would be in deep trouble if I had a garage full of all that stuff! You must have some pretty strong resolve!

My husband never had children he has "adopted" my girls as his own in a sense - even though they are grown. And our little grandson is the lght of his life. Sometimes God has different plans than the ones we had for ourselves. You sound like a very loving and caring person Honi - and I'll bet you are the best to Steve's kids and his grandchild!

Ready to Shrink said...

COCONUT CAKES? Oh my goodness I think I need a hug! :) LOL

Hugs to you lady and you are awesome for walking past the samples all that temptation and you held strong!

Hugs to you!