Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay not really , but it could have! at 3:35 a.m. we were jerked awake but the rather obnoxious sound of the severe weather warning sirens.. At first we tried to ignore it but noticed the vivid lightening.. we put on the news and low and behold the local weather lady was on.. we were going to get a very fast and a very deadly wallop.. We quickly let the pups out.. Steve called them back in right away .. he did not like how eerie it felt outside.. and then BOOM! the wind blew.. the trees bent.. the rain fell sideways as dime size hail covered the deck.. it took a mightly thump on the side of the house for Steve to agree to go down to the basement/ garage.. we or rather Steve wandered over to the door to watch the fury of this fast storm .. Poor Cookie was beside her little furry self.. we loved on her and tried to make her feel better but she was trembling.. The storm lasted for about 10 minutes if that long.. we went back upstairs to a very dark house.. Cookie had calmed down and we tried to rest a bit more but sleep was ilusive by then.. we were later surprised to learn that approximately one mile from our house.. Someone's home was knocked off its foundation and the roof was ripped off.. there was a lot of damage in that area.. and the storm surveyors were going there today to decide if it was straight line winds or a tornado that wreaked such havoc.. all in all it was a scary morning.. and right now I am pooped.. I need a nap.. but instead I have a long day at work.. I went outside a bit ago.. and now its getting cold out and drizzling and WINDY, yesterday it was over 60 and beautiful outside.. tonight we are suppose to have snow flurries LOL .. how bizzare is that..
Otherwise all is well.. going to the gym tomorrow night..
Enjoying my turkey pastrami sandwich right now.. and a nice fresh apple for lunch..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..
Just being thankful for the Little things today... like not being a victim of that storm last night..
I am glad that siren woke us up!


Dee said...

Holy crap that post scares me! Tornados are one of my biggest fears and I think if I ever heard the sirens go off (which we don't even have here by the way) I'd probably drop dead of a heart attack! I'm glad you didn't sustain any damage.

Michelle said...

Glad you, the hubby, and the dogs/children are all ok. I often say if it rains, I want it to storm. I like the excitement but tornados are a little bit too scary for me. Just lightning and thunder will do. Our poor dog/child (a boxer) shakes like a leaf too at thunder.

Bev said...

WOW! Glad you all are ok!! ; )