Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today I dedicate the first part of my blog to my husband.. my husband.. never in all my life did I really think I would get to put those two words together.. MY and HUSBAND.. I was so excited to get a card for Valentines day that said TO MY HUSBAND.. it may be silly to some but I always thought those Valentine cards for Husbands and wives were kinda goofy.. and then this year it was ohhh look I get to buy one now.. it was more about buying a card with the words MY HUSBAND on them then actually buying a Valentines card... Sometimes I bang those two words together like cymbals.. LOUD.. I put myself between those words and stand in the middle and stretch my hands out to pull those two words close together.. words I never thought would be mine.. I look at my Steve with a new respect... I look at my Steve with a new love that just seems to grow more precious by the minute. He is always surprised by how I feel .. but I think in a way he feels similar.. You can be together with someone for years.. live with them.. really live with them.. travel through life experiences together.. but when you marry.. it solidifies that relationship even more.. it adds a particular holiness to it all. I thank God every day for Steve.. I pray every night that God keeps him safe and healthy. Today Steve is going for blood tests.. in a few days we will be on the other side.. problem or no problem.. we will continue on.. we will survive whatever is given us.. for that which is difficult for one can be carried by two with far more ease. Steve is my blessing.. my most cherished blessing.
I also dedicate today's post to all of my weight loss warriors in my side bar.. Stop by and visit their blogs.. They are my friends.. We are all souls connected by one simple dream, one simple goal.. to be healthier.. to be better than we are right now physically . As we traverse this road .. we have found other common threads that have weaved these long distance friendships even closer.. You girls and guys are my friends.. You get it.. You understand it.. thank you for always encouraging me to be the best me that I can .. Even when I would rather eat chocolate and pizza but not together... :-)
There are a lot of you I have not found yet.. and I peruse the internet often looking for new souls to connect with on this journey.. connect with me first if you find me... I will put you in my sidebar so I can keep up with you...
Lindsey i am still looking for you .. Please come back if you are reading this..
Blogging keeps me going.. the one thing it has done is kept my weight off or with in a 2 pound range... thats a miracle... now blogging and i have to get the rest of this off.. we have too.. we have to reach.. and see the top of that hill.. and see the sunrise and sunset from new perspective... I know what I want.. You know what you want.. it will not be given to us.. we will have to fight for it.. and work for it.. and climb for it.. and fall for it.. and get back up for it... for.. ourselves...
Happy Valentines Day to you all
I love you...
Wish me well
Wish you well too!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Honi! Craig and I have been married for 18 months and I still look at him in awe and wonder. My husband. The guy who has my back. My partner in life.

Love to you too! Be kind to yourself today!

Girl on a Mission... said...

Happy Vday to you too!

Scale Junkie said...

This post just made me smile! We are so lucky in so many ways. Happy Valentines Day Honi!

Felicia said...

I so know what you mean about your husband. Dale I have known each other for 15 years. Been married almost 12 of them and I still cant believe how lucky I am. Everyone always talked about "finding Mr. Right" well I sure did that. He is amazing and I wouldnt want to ever be with out him. We are never apart even if he is working ( love technology - email ) and he still calls every day at lunch and on his way home to chat and has every day for 15 years lol. We do everyting together. He is my absolute best friend and I just love him to death.

Happy Valentines Day!
Have a GREAT one!

Anonymous said...

Such a great post! Happy Valentine's Day to you too Honi!!

Katschi said...

Beautiful sentiment, Honi!
I'm so glad I found your blog, it makes me happy to come here.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Grumpy Chair said...

Another beautiful and positive post Honi. Thank you for all your support last year. I truly feel blessed with all the lovely ladies I have "met" through the internet.

Happy Valentines Day. Hope you and Steve enjoy your first V'Day as a married couple.

40 by 40 said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I am sure you had a great one! I linked to you today i n my post..hope it's ok :) I had to give you props for the DELISH Zuchhini pancakes!Enjoy each I can tell you do!

Lora said...

Your post made me remember an incident on my honeymoon with my late husband... I had gone to the front desk at our hotel to ask for something for "my husband" and it felt so incredibly wonderful to say those words!

You're a lucky woman and a smart one - to know what you have and appreciate it like you do!

What's this about the blood tests for your hubby? Did I miss something?

Fat Grl Slim said...

Yeah!!! Happy slightly belated Valentines day (can't get to your blog to post comments at work :( ) Thank you for all of your kind and inspiring comments. I love the blog!!!!!

Be well! FGS