Friday, February 8, 2008


Though I do not promote eating snack cakes all the time.. I found myself VERY IMPRESSED with these ANGEL CAKES the Lemon and Strawberry are Fat free and have about 100 calories in them. the Cream filled one does contain a little fat comes in at 120 and its pretty light and good.. My favorite so far is the Lemon, we have not tried the Strawberry yet... The Lemon Angel Cake reminds me of my grandmothers Sponge cake.. a sweet tartness and very light texture, with a wonderful taste of goodness and for me a fond memory. I look at these treats in two lights.. If you have children .. these are a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to all TASTY CAKES and LITTLE DEBBIES out there.. Your child has a light sweet snack while their buddies might be eating fat filled snacks loaded with trans fats and stupidly caloric... For us who just want a sweet treat here and there.. You will LOVE this light TREAT... One thing you will notice is the size.. its not some rinky dink tiny treat.. ITS A FULL CUPCAKE OR MUFFIN SIZE.. I was REALLY impressed with that.. I think what I really loved more than anything was how it tasted real..not like most of the other snack food out there.. Especially the lemon one.. I could have closed my eyes and imagined my grandmothers sponge cake in my mouth.. the taste was virtually identical.. and I have not had her sponge cake in probably over 15 years now...It was one of my favorite treats as a child.. so this was a nice surprise this evening..

In other news...

The downstairs fridge was hauled off today .. its dead...

The upstairs fridge is getting a digital thermestat something or other regulator thingie... that will be Monday..

Below are the ANGEL CAKE PHOTOS:


Have a sweet weekend
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Felicia said...

Ni ya!!

Those look so yummy. I never have cake cravings buy my poor hubby does. I am going to look for these. They would be perfect for that "cravings" momments for him. Could pop them in the freezer too!

Thanks for the tip!

Sorry to hear about the frig. I would be lost without my second frig.

Have a super weekend!

Scale Junkie said...

They do look tasty but I'd end up eating one (or two) a day and my body just doesn't need that right now. But they do look yummy!!!

40 by 40 said...

yum!!!!!!!I bought the Zuchinni latkes the other day..I will let you know how they go over around here :) Thank you for always sharing the great info!

Ann(ie) said...

Those look enjoyable!!!!

Enjoy your weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

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